Murrinations Testimonials

Been an avid follower for years and amazing to see the theories you have held on to for so long starting to unfold.

A Hedge Fund Manger who prefers to remain anonymous

I will state from the outset that I generally shun predictions and, by extension, am suspicious of those that claim to see the future.

Nonetheless, while David refers to “predictions” on his website, I believe that these are better described as an interpretation of geopolitical conditions through the prism of his Stages of Empire theory. This has enabled David to consistently make seemingly outlandish but remarkably accurate interpretations of current events and, by extension, market calls.

Given his interpretative framework, I see no reason why David’s analysis should not remain as consistently accurate for many years to come.

Andy Pfaff - Chief Investment Officer | Coherent Commodity Investment (Pty) Ltd

I have known David for over five years and, during that time (all documented) he has predicted the rise of Trump, every twist and turn during the three-year course of Brexit, including Boris becoming PM (a year before he did), and the landslide election result.

On January 30th he called me and really panicked me (I have all the WhatsApp’s to prove it), which made me dump most of our family equity portfolio and move into cash. He has saved us a large fortune! When no one was looking, in early January, he warned that the Wuhan Flu was going to become pandemic that would bring the global economy to a dead stop.

Simultaneously he predicted the drop of oil from $65 to sub$27 and the collapse of the stock markets. All these predictions were in papers he wrote, and speeches he gave (some at my Invest Africa events), and most people then thought him mad. How silly (and poor) they look now.

Rob Hersov - Chairman of Invest Africa

David uses historical analysis to predict likely future developments. While many try to predict the future by looking merely at economic data and looking at the recent past, David goes back centuries, tracking the ascent and descent of empires, enabling him to spot big-picture trends and secular developments that many others fail to see. As a historian myself, I am well aware that many fellow economists and analysts lack this critical ability, despite it being a well-known fact that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Anna Rosenberg - Partner, Head of Europe and UK I Signum Global

At Montfort we strive to anticipate the issues that our clients are facing and to help us we have a longstanding relationship with economic and social forecaster David Murrin. In recent years he has correctly called significant geopolitical moves and political results, notably calling the result of the Brexit referendum before the referendum was even announced, the election of Donald Trump, and the rise of China to challenge the US for global leadership. Six months ago, David urged his subscribers to heed the economic threat posed by a major bubble building in the markets. And from late 2019, he has accurately forecast the impact of COVID-19 on society and global financial markets – including the exact dates that the markets and the oil price fell.

Montfort Communications

I am writing to say how impressed I am with the services you offer and the depth and substance of the information, perceptions, guidance and advice you disseminate.

I am particularly fascinated and intrigued by your uncanny ability to forecast global events and outcomes correctly – and just as importantly, to suggest constructive ways forward.

You have also brought much-needed balance to my naturally sceptical, oftentimes cynical bent. That's a function of my decades of experience as a journalist, writing, researching and reporting on a wide range of fraught topics, from politics to religion and more recently, health, nutrition and wellness.

I must confess that when I first became aware of your predictive capacity early in 2016, I dismissed it out of hand. At that time, a close journalist colleague, who rated you extraordinarily highly and who I trusted implicitly, told me that you predicted that Brexit would happen and Trump would be the next US president. 

I was so sure that you would be wrong on both counts. 

When you proved right on both counts, the world as I knew it began to unravel rapidly around me. And at that year's end, I revised my visceral opinion and began to delve more respectfully into your work. 

I'm now one of your biggest fans online and subscribers to your website. 

Your expertise is invaluable not just in decoding major historical events, forecasting change directions in today's increasingly unstable, fast-changing, crazy world but also in offering ways forward and strategies to learn from and avoid past mistakes. 

Never was your sane, evidence-based and thoughtful voice more needed to guide corporates chiefs, thought leaders and more ordinary mortals, such as myself, to calm down and make informed decisions.

Marika Sboros - South African journalist and published author