Geopolitical Forecasts

The End of Globalisation As We Knew It

Before World War 1 broke out in 1914, the world had reached a new peak in global trading and economic integration. At this time many liberals wrongly… Read more.

The beginning of the Second Cold War with China is clearly upon us in what I have called The Great Bifurcation. This geopolitical schism dates back to the American concept of strategically… Read more.

Well, we’re about to find out!

My prediction, dating back to late January this year, that Biden would win on wealth distribution politics appears to be on track. Coupled with this was my… Read more.

Surveillance Is A Potentially Hostile Act

This includes state surveillance and criminal surveillance. In this regard, the first line of defence is to recognise you are being surveyed. This… Read more.

Many decades ago when I was about to start my career in finance at JP Morgan, my father told me that when I understood how money worked I would understand how the world worked. Whilst my father… Read more.

7.1 The Kinetic Threat to Britain

The conclusion concerning the decisions about to be taken in this 2020 Strategic Defence Review is that for the fourth time in 110 years Britain faces an… Read more.



6.1 The Need for a Revolution in the Ministry Of Defence

The relationship between the Ministry of Defence and… Read more.

5.1 Historical Perspectives

Historically, democracies have not been good at anticipating rising aggressor nations and preparing a commensurately… Read more.

4.1 The Requirement For The UK's Key Strategic Defence Capabilities Commensurate With The Foreign Policy Strategy

There are four key areas relating to the defence commands. The following… Read more.