Geopolitical Forecasts

Those that have read my Theory of Anti Entropy of Human Systems will appreciate that entropy impacts are cumulative on a human social structure. Wars, pandemics and… Read more.

Firstly, I must comment on the excellent words of President Biden over the past 48 hours. There is no doubt that his intentions are good, and his pandemic plans reflect reality. Most critically, … Read more.

Understanding The Manifestation of National Energy

National energy is a term I use in association with the location of a nation or large social system in its… Read more.

What does the Mutation War mean for us all? Quite simply, it is the death of hope that  the world will not just go back to the way it was after we have all been… Read more.

It is with great concern that I frame my expectations for 2021. This year started with hope, but I suspect it will soon give way to fear, as the world endures a sequence… Read more.

Following the US elections in my Murrination 70 Dangerous Days Ahead I highlighted the risks that America and and world faced from a scorned Trump.

Trump,… Read more.

It is easy to forget that the three allies in WW2 worked together to form and implement a grand strategy that successfully brought victory. That was despite their … Read more.

1.0 The Situation So Far

In terms of BTCH concepts, wars and pandemics are high entropy events that challenge the integrity of human social structures to the extreme. Causing the most… Read more.

The trade deal with the UK and EU is a remarkable achievement for the Boris-Frost duo. Despite the Draconian and punitive negotiating stance employed by Barnier, they… Read more.