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With the next Scottish parliamentary elections due on May 6th 2021 and the severe economic impact from the pandemic and economic lock down only exacerbating the poverty levels in Scotland, the… Read more.

Today Britain is living through a time of Crisis, triggered by the Pandemic and the consequent economic contraction. To compound the uncertainties ahead, Britain is also in the final stage of Its… Read more.


This is the second Global Forecaster Strategic Defence Review. It's origins date back to the disastrous government review of 2015 where it was clear to me that both our political… Read more.

War As An Essential element of Human Evolution

Although most of the human population would passionately condemn it, war has always been a defining characteristic of our human existence. As we… Read more.

Principle 1: Humans are Collective 

Whilst individuality sits on a spectrum, everyone is part of a collective biological system. We process information about events around us collectively… Read more.

Thought Leader History Forum

This is a transcript recorded and edited with great flair by Ed Harris, of a talk that I had the privilege to give in September 2019 at the August gathering of… Read more.

I have long maintained that films are powerful indications of the social mood and values of a society. Within that context, the comparison between two recent war films is highly informative as to… Read more.

As the global commodity price cycle begins its downward swing, Russia is set to be hit hard, forcing Putin to reassert himself – unless the West acts first David Murrin The impending worldwide… Read more.

Pattern analysis templates for Market Analysis based on Elliott wave counts.