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The NHS is broken and unless there is meaningful reform of both system and leadership, the consequences will be catastrophic for Britain, and not just in terms of health and wellbeing, but in time… Read more.

The Physics of Humanity

1.0 The Core Theory of The Five Stages of Empire

Back in 2002 David created a new set of theories that he collectively named ‘Human Systems Theory’, or the ‘… Read more.

The Battle for Ukraine is not a remote war, but one that is taking place in Europe, on the same scale as Stalingrad. One that will decide not just the existence of an independent Ukraine, but… Read more.

In this world leading magazine David details the threats and countermeasures poised by Russian and Chinese hypersoinc glide weapons and their ability to dominate the asian basin in a saturation… Read more.

Cycles Magazine is published by The Foundation For The Study Of Cycles and in this edition, they have published a portion of my work 'The Genesis And Predictive Power Of Breaking The Code Of… Read more.


An approach to problem-solving, assessing information and learning, often used by people with dyslexia, that involves pattern… Read more.

1.0 Herding Is Hard-Wired

1.1 The Evolution Of The Human Brain 

Our human brains have evolved over millions of years, with the Basal Ganglia coming first and then the limbic or… Read more.

The recent ARKUS announcement of cooperation between the US, the UK and Australia would extend to developing hypersonic weapons should not come as a surprise. However,… Read more.

With the clear and present danger to Global Britain from Russia and China, the public needs to understand the threat and to demand of their Prime Minister and cabinet members that they be… Read more.

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