Articles and Papers by David

With the clear and present danger to Global Britain from Russia and China, the public needs to understand the threat and to demand of their Prime Minister and cabinet members that they be… Read more.

History is replete with events that change the course of history. The Wuhan pandemic is just such an event, whose repercussions will echo through eternity. We will inevitably look back on 2020 as… Read more.

This document contains the integral and extensive appendices that are part of the Now Or Never Report that explain in depth why Britain is at it's Now Or Never moment.… Read more.

The rise of China as controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is implacably opposed to democracy and which it sees as mutually exclusive to its autocratic control… Read more.

This paper proposes a new class of warship, The Dominator Class Cruiser, that would effectively counter the threat from The PLAN to control the worlds oceans articulated… Read more.

With the next Scottish parliamentary elections due on May 6th 2021 and the severe economic impact from the pandemic and economic lock down only exacerbating the poverty levels in Scotland, the… Read more.

Today Britain is living through a time of Crisis, triggered by the Pandemic and the consequent economic contraction. To compound the uncertainties ahead, Britain is also in the final stage of Its… Read more.

War As An Essential element of Human Evolution

Although most of the human population would passionately condemn it, war has always been a defining characteristic of our human existence. As we… Read more.

We first articulated our Theory of Human Collective Systems some three years ago. Since then we have expanded this construct into a more complete model, comprising seven principles, which we now… Read more.