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Asset Managers

Hedge and PE funds, Family offices

David’s history in managing macro capital and predicting market dislocations makes him an invaluable advisor to senior risk takers. His expertise and Financial Market Analysis are particularly relevant to the successful management and preservation of capital as the global financial system faces challenges of the order of 2008 in the years ahead.

Natural Resources

Oil, Mining and Agricultural Organisations

David’s background in the oil business and agriculture has given him personal experience in this sector, which when combined with his market predictions, gives him a unique perspective to advise natural resource companies on geopolitical risk and market timing in his commodity Market Analysis as to the impending low of the commodity price cycle, and subsequent hyper inflation cycle.


Entrepreneur & Corporations

David can act as a special advisor to boards or senior management. Helping you maximize your business strategy in an uncertain geopolitical world, and to also apply the five-phase life cycle to optimize business development. Additionally David's Iconic Leadership program allows organisations to maximise their potential.


Politicians & Armed Forces

The theories within BREAKING THE CODE OF HISTORY have significant implications for governments to anticipate well in advance the needs of the electorate and the threats posed by other nations in an uncertain world. Follow David’s global forecasts and predictions for the world around us.

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About David

David Murrin

David Murrin began his unique career in the oil exploration business, amongst the jungles of Papua New Guinea and the southwestern Pacific islands, engaging with the numerous tribes of the Sepik River and exploring the mineral composition of the region. Before the age of adventure tourism, this region was highly dangerous, very uncertain and local indigenous groups were often hostile and cannibalistic.

Not only did he keep his head, but it was his work with the PNG tribespeople that catalyzed his theories on collective human behaviour. 

Accuracy Of Past & Present Predictions

Stars and stripes

Decline of American Power

The decline of American power (2003) over the next decades.

Chinese Navy

China's Expansion To Challenge US

The rise of Chinese power (2003) and it's an economic/military expansion to challenge America.


Climate Change Acceleration

The acceleration of irreversible climate change (2005) and its huge global economic impact.


March Towards UK Leaving The EU

Brexit – Predicted the referendum result to leave the EU, with the key social drivers correctly identified (2015) and the course of Brexit with Boris becoming PM.

Donald Trump

Trump's Rise To Presidency

The rise of Trump to become the next US president (2015) numerous blogs on my site.

Finance Market Analysis

What Information?

David developed a unique and effective set of behavioural models to predict financial markets whilst at JPM which were extremely effective and profitable. These  pattern recognition models acted as the foundation for his 20-year career as a CIO of his hedge fund Emergent. With some remarkable returns in the most bearish of markets(e.g. 84% in 2008).

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This service is designed to provide long term and medium term investment outlooks and in a range of markets from Equity indices, Bonds Fx, and Commodities. Be the first to gain David's market insights. Which include his Arkent scenario predictions of a pending major paradigm shift that will result in a greater stock market decline than 2008 with the most serious Financial, political and geopolitical consequences.

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Clients / Coverage


Stock Markets

The global stock market complex has clearly turned downwards from the point we located a few weeks ago at 3020 on the S & p 500 with a 3050 limit. Over the past years the… Read more.

During the height of the British Empire, when the Royal Navy forced China into submission during the First Opium war, one of the outcomes was that Hong Kong became a British Colony with its key… Read more.

Since 9/11 the world has been focused on the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, which is essentially at the cutting edge of a resurgence of Islamic identity. As such it represents a rising… Read more.

Applying the Code of History to the current political situation indicates that the end of the British democratic civil war is in sight and a new dawn beckons.
I recently gave an… Read more.

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Breaking The Code Of History

We must identify the theories that underlie historical cycles, learn the lessons and apply them to today’s changing world. Studying the ebb and flow of empires throughout history, in particular, can enable us to pinpoint the mechanisms that cause civilisations to rise and fall. Read about the book, an introduction to BTCH, feedback or purchase the book direct.

Lions Led By Lions

History is full of truths to be discovered. However, over the past one hundred years the greatest divergence between a story told and its reality is that of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) during World War I. Read about the book, extracts from Lions Led By Lions, feedback or purchase the book direct.

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The Theory Behind My Predictions

Understand history's "big picture" and accurately assess current and future geopolitical environments

Thought Leadership

Vision Global Britain 2025
Climate Change David Murrin
Vision USA 2025 David Murrin
Vision Africa 2025 David Murrin



Large scale African Agriculture and Rural Transformation

Read more.