The Impact Of China on Our World

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Presentation to Oxford University Diplomatic Society

I watched your talk at the Oxford University Diplomatic Society on the 8th of November and found your insights into how China operates fascinating. Your fastidious research and unique way of looking at world systems and international interactions mean that your input into the debate as to whether China is an Existential Threat to Our Way of Life are extremely beneficial. Your scholarly work, and particularly your recent book ‘Red Lightning’, demonstrates your sound analysis and predictions of world operations.

Jenny Heath - Assistant to the President | Oxford Union Society

I found it very challenging and I've still been digesting the ideas, even trying to study the significance of commodity inflation to see how it reflects geopolitical trends following the importance you gave it in terms of predicting war. I would urge you to keep doing those talks because I think that they are very valuable for the audience and that type of discourse is a must to start changing things in a democracy.

I would suggest that you join the site to stay abreast of the world.

Hugo Harvey, Post Graduate Oxford University