The dwindling of the Earth’s energy, water and food resources, within the context of global warming and geopolitical instability, poses a threat to humanity on a scale that might have been unimaginable. Yet we have been there before.


We must identify the theories that underlie historical cycles, learn the lessons and apply them to today’s changing world. Studying the ebb and flow of empires throughout history, in particular, can enable us to pinpoint the mechanisms that cause civilisations to rise and fall. These principles apply equally to regional powers...

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Click on the link below for an exclusive preview of Breaking The Code Of History. See how author David Murrin outlines a map for the future by examining the world in the Book of the Past, Book of the Present and The Book of the Future.

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He has developed what might be called a ‘grand unifying theory’ of the social and political dynamics that have propelled us from the first human civilisations to our present perilous position.

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Breaking the Code of History paints an intriguing view of today's changing world. Be part of the discussion. Submit your review on the book and your feedback on the theories it outlines.

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