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How you can make a difference?

April 2010 When faced with the increasing risk of the disastrous global events described in BREAKING THE CODE OF HISTORY, which include the West’s potentially catastrophic decline, it is very easy to feel impotent. I am often asked the question as to what one person can do in the face of such huge geopolitical events. So where does one start?

We have to believe that, with knowledge and a greater awareness of mankind and our geopolitics, we will be able to act before it is too late, not just for the West but for the whole world.

BREAKING THE CODE OF HISTORY was written with the specific aim of analysing man's past, the structure of our world today and how our future could play out. It was designed to offer a new understanding, especially, of the risks that we face. Its key conclusions are as follows:

  1. The western world or (SWCE=Super Western Christian Empire), is in the final decade of its decline, as defined by the last of a series of empires that end with the United States of America.
  1. The Asian Super Empire (ASE) has been rising for over a hundred years and is currently led by China, will be in the most aggressive phase of its expansion over the next decade.
  1. The next decade will see a huge commodity squeeze that will accelerate frighteningly in the last half of this decade. Its peak should be around 2025, but this may come sooner as a result of the scarcity of global resources.
  1. The accelerating effects of climate change will only exacerbate the completion for basic resources of water and food.
  1. Wars are only fought for resources, with religious and nationalist memes being used to bond and polarise each combatant into a unique combination of beliefs.
  1. The  next decade will see China become a military powerhouse as it converts its economy’s strength into military power. China’s ever growing need for resources will drive it into wars with the rest of the world if it believes that it can win such a conflict owing to its military having a massive capability advantage over its enemies.
  1. Extrapolating all the factors above, then we risk a global WW3  from 2022 onwards into the 2030 K wave peak. A total war that could destroy humanity.

So what can the West do when faced with this paradigm?

The answer is both simple and yet seemingly impossible to enact. The West needs to rebuild its economies to create real growth and wealth, and then ensure that it has strong armed forces to deter any potential Chinese aggression. The key steps to achieving this are:

  1. Collectively recognise the qualities of good leadership and then elect iconic leaders. This may mean a reformation of government process or evolution of new political parties.
  1. Replace the values of decline with the values of growth and expansion within our western society as define in Breaking the code of History.
  1. Urgently enact a policy of widespread debt forgiveness / restructuring in the US and Europe.
  1. Lower taxes to the minimum possible without incurring the burden of having to pay the interest on the debt.
  1. Create a new enterprise culture with tax incentives and effective cultural support for those that take business risk, and create real wealth and jobs based on hard work and enterprise.
  1. Then re-invest in defence, and ensure that the Chinese do not gain any significant leads through revolutions in military affairs.

What can you do?

  1. The greater the number of people who are aware of the problems our world faces, the more likely we are to be able to solve them.
  1. Start by seeing the danger ahead, if not for ourselves but our children. Stop sleep walking with the others and take responsibility for our future.
  1. Become informed, and express this information to your friends and colleagues, drawing upon the cycles described in BREAKING THE CODE OF HISTORY to inform your perspective on what is really going on.
  1. Demand much more from our leadership, and be clear on what defines good leadership so that you can recognise it when you see it and support it at every level of our society. To change the course of the future for the better, we will need to collectively manifest something very special in the form of iconic leadership.

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