Breaking the Code of Markets

1.0 Herding Is Hard-Wired

1.1 The Evolution Of The Human Brain 

Our human brains have evolved over millions of years, with the Basal Ganglia coming first and then the limbic or… Read more.

Science is an ever-expanding horizon of knowledge. Many of the new and accepted theories of modern physics have direct relevance to understanding market behaviour. Modern fractal theory, for… Read more.

Many years ago, when I was looking for models to explain how markets behaved, I sought to employ my training as a physicist and translate our understanding of the physical universe into guidelines… Read more.

Geoff Cutmore offers a fresh approach to the age-old battle of profitable investing in uncertain times. With most experts now predicting volatile stock market conditions in the years ahead, many… Read more.

From the start of my career in finance as discretionary trader 35 years ago, I have believed that the price of a market at any one time contains all aspects of the information available. Why I… Read more.

We would all like to benefit from seeing further into the future, whether it's buying stocks, crafting policy, launching a new product or simply planning the week's meals. Unfortunately, people… Read more.

The Elliott Wave Principle is a form of price based behavioural analysis used to understand current and future price behaviour and movements by observing and identifying repetitive wave patterns… Read more.

Global macro managers have to navigate a complex web of interconnected risks: market, credit, liquidity, financing, counterparty and operational, to name but a few...


1.0… Read more.

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