A Sentient Human World

April 2010 The idea of creating a new movement dedicated to the study of human history and the cycles of empires with the specific educational focus of transcending unconscious repetitive collective behavioural patterns of the world's peoples and nations to create a fully sentient human race.

  1. The study of humanity as a collective organization, and its repetitive patterns throughout history, with the goal of understanding the nature of human societies (left and right brained interdependencies).
  1. Create a template for a conscious society and set of values based on the creative/positive phases of past cycles. i.e. Kyros leadership values. Draw on past value systems of the world (especially in the growth full stages of empires), i.e. Confucius… to create a common value system that is acceptable to the majority of the human race.
  1. Feedback and educate leaders and the general population to change behaviour by creating conscious mechanisms for choice.

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