Ending All Wars


Warfare is a blight on Mankind and something that the majority of humanity abhors, and yet we keep fighting them, over and over again. Sending our precious children into the fire of battle.

‘Only the dead have seen the end of the war’ are not the words of Plato as many have claimed but are the epitome of his understanding of the cycle of conflict and the inherent violence of human history that he witnessed as he lived through the hegemonic wars of his time, known as the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC). Fought over 27 years between the democratic sea power city of Athens and a coalition of states led by its bitter enemy, Sparta, which was a hierarchical land power ruled by a king. In a long and brutal war that resulted in the defeat of Athens. The essence of the statement is the realization that war, in one form or another, is a constant companion of human existence woven into the very fabric of our being. Hence the age-old question as to Why? One that I have spent a life of study of war trying to understand and answer.

My aspiration through my work at Global Forecaster and my new book ‘Breaking The Code Of War’  (BTCW)is to lay the foundations as to how through a new understanding of our unconscious behaviours, humanity could break its relationship with warfare and hence with its pattern of destructive creation as an engine for human evolution.

However, before that point in humanity's path is reached, we must ensure peace through strength, translating into full spectrum deterrence of any and all aggressor states. A core principle the West has forgotten for the past decade.

I fear that we are too late to stop WW3, but that the knowledge contained within BTCW will help the democratic nations survive the onslaught, and that the survivors can use the lessons to build a new sustainable peaceful world in its aftermath. But first, we must all seek a new understanding of human warfare to transcend its yoke.

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