Hedge Fund/Financial Institutional Advisor

Deliverable: Our focus will be to futureproof your business against macro trends, de-risking against shocks and finding new opportunities and strategies for growth.

Our expertise has broad applications across financial institutions to optimise profitability: from asset management including private equity funds to banks, hedge funds and private equity, either in an early or mature stage of evolution.

Our entrepreneurial success has given us a unique perspective on the key essential elements that make a business successful. We then couple this with our five-phase model of human organisations. This includes:

  • the cycle of corporate evolution and structure, especially the nature of leadership
  • innovation and business development
  • right brain creative versus left brain linear dynamics.

Macro risk assessment: We believe that success is the product of an effective, well-executed business plan, coupled with the macro context within which the business resides. In today's dynamic, geopolitical world, understanding the exterior shocks that may impact a business are critical to success and, in some cases, survival. Yet very few companies have access to David’s level of expertise, which is necessary to make such judgements effectively. Our theories that are articulated in Breaking The Code Of History have clear applications to the bigger geopolitical environment. These macro risk factors and mitigations fall into two areas:

  1. General risk factors: global slowdowns, political upheaval and a US-Chinese bifurcation of the world.
  2. Special company risk factors: input/output prices and geopolitical supply chain risks.

Examples are:

  1. We have been advising Western companies to pull out of China over the past four years, recognising that making money in partnership with the Chinese was not going to be easy with its heightened sense of nationalism. Ultimately, as the trade war became white-hot, China and the West were going to bifurcate, with investors trapped on the wrong side of a new iron curtain.
  2. From 2015 onwards, we have been advising that Britain was going to leave the EU, and to take appropriate protective actions.
  3. The management of currency and interest rate risk (i.e., Sterling/Dollar low) and the timing of equity and bond fundraising.

We can advise as either a board member or an appointed special advisor to boards.

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