Past & Present Predictions

Stars and stripes

The decline of American power (2003) over the next decades

  1. CNBC March 2003 March-Dec 2010
  2. Affirmed in my book Breaking The Code Of History (BTCH)
  3. Documented in numerous blogs/videos on the decline of American power across the site


Chinese Army

The rise of Chinese power (2003)

It's an economic/military expansion to challenge America. i.e. the onset of strategic competition, trades wars and a new arms race in the decades ahead

  1. CNBC March 2003
  2. Affirmed in my book BTCH
  3. Documented in numerous blogs/videos on Chinese power on my site



The acceleration of irreversible climate change (2005) and its huge global economic impact

  1. Affirmed in my book BTCH
  2. Interview Nov 2012
  3. Documented in numerous blogs/videos on climate change across this site


Theresa May

March Towards UK Leaving The EU 

Brexit – Predicted the  referendum result to leave the EU, with the key social drivers correctly identified (2015)  and the course of Brexit with Boris becoming PM and a no deal plus outcome and British politics moving to the right, whilst the labor party was dead in the water and not the threat the majority feared.

  1. Documented in numerous blogs/videos about Brexit across the site


Donald Trump

The rise of Trump to become the next US president (2015) numerous blogs on my site

  1. Documented in numerous blogs/videos about Donald Trump across the site


Additional Predictions

  1. The Asian Crisis top to bottom 1998
  2. The Argentine bond collapse top to bottom 2001
  3. The commencement of the next 25-year commodity cycle (2003) with oil, mining, and agriculture
  4. The end of the first phase of the 25-year commodity cycle to be followed but price deflation until 2018. (2011)
  5. The growth of Africa as the prime investment destination(2004)
  6. The 2008 financial collapse (2007)
  7. The rise of the new Pacific alliances to contain China between India, Japan the US and Australia (2009)
  8. The Chinese US Arms Race (2011)
  9. The onset of global deflation from late 2018 (2014)
  10. The outcome of the Scottish referendum i.e. that Scotland would not leave a strong UK (2015)
  11. The outcome of the last UK general election and the conservative majority as politics shifted towards the right and wealth creation policies(2015)
  12. The result of the Brexit referendum to leave the EU, with the key social drivers correctly identified (2015)
  13. The collapse of the EU by 2019/20 (2014)
  14. The rise of Trump to become the next US president as soon as he became the Republican nomination (2015)
  15. The peak of the Uk housing Market (2015)
  16. The path to absolute power of President Xi similar to Mao and his commitment to making China a superpower. (2014)
  17. The increasing US tension with North Korea (2016)
  18. The pending trade war with China(2016)
  19. The Peak of the Bitcoin Bubble @ 13000(Nov 2017)
  20. The US-Chinese trade war is the first part of the end  of a global trading system to be replaced by a global bifurcation into two spheres.(Jan 2017)
  21. The Bitcoin Buy Zone @ 7000 ( Dec 2019)
  22. That Boris would win a landslide election allowing Brexit to proceed and the labour party would loose key supporters(Nov 2019).
  23. The Gold is a buy @$1487 on the way to $3000 within 18 months(Dec 2019)
  24. Oil will drop from $63 to sub $27 in a demand collapse that decimates the oil industry within 12 months (Dec 2019)
  25. Trump will lose the next election (Dec 2019)
  26. That Wealth Distribution politics would dominate the Democratic nomination, initially making Bernie the favourite to win the Democratic nomination and become the next US President elect.(Early Jan 2020)
  27. The Impending US and global stock Market peak with one month, will be followed by a major decline of 40% plus within 12 months (Jan 2020).
  28. That Trump would loose the 2020 election. (Jan 2020)
  29. That the Wuhan Virus will spread to be a major global pandemic that all but shuts down the global economy. (Jan 5th 2020)
  30. That there is very high risk of a 1929/1987 style one day market crash in the next month (Feb 2020).
  31. The Italy 40 Index is one of the weakest stock markets in the world and will drop to sub 5000 and heralds an Italian default during 2020-21, that could well catalyse the collapse of the EU in its current form. (Italy now (@25000 and BTPS @148.00 Feb 2020)
  32. That the Wuhan pandemic would run unconstrained with sequential multi strain waves for at least 18 to 36 months (March 2020)
  33. That Russia would undergo a wave of major civil unrest within 12 months that could unseat Putin.(March 2020)
  34. That the old global trading world had bifurcated into a Chinese and non Chinese sphere of influence and had entered a depression (April 2020)
  35. That China has switched economic models from a manufacturing export economy, to an internally fuelled consumer society, supported by in rapidly growing military economy, as Chinas five year plan emulates Hitlers four year plan. (May 2020).
  36. That after the bounce from the first stock market decline in March (phase 1) there would be a recovery bounce (phase 2) that would be followed by a second and even more destructive bear market and asset destruction cycle called phase 3 as the pandemic extended into a  multi strain multi wave entropy event.(April 2020)
  37. Scotland Will not Leave the Union (Jan 2021)