Transcending our current collective limitations

April 2010 We often look at the animal world with a detached curiosity as if Mankind had transcended the limitations of mindlessness. Insect colonies are a case in point, huge lumbering living entities where the individual has no value but to contribute to the whole. These colonies have  members with distinctly different tasks... from the soldier ant who protects and the worker ant who builds and maintains to the queen who breeds and regulates the colony. Each ant has a role and those roles facilitate the success of the whole colony in some small way.

Now if we imagine that we come from an alien planet and are studying mankind from a distance, individuality will have less relevance and the structure of the whole entity and how it organises itself to optimise its survival will become the focus.

For a race to be successful on a large scale it would need the majority to follow and obey a common collective rule base, otherwise there would be chaos, and it would be impossible to develop a large society that itself would give the greatest possible change of survival.

However, if everyone just thought 'within the box' as dictated by the collective rule base, and humanity were to encounter an event that was unexpected, then in the 'in the box' thinking would in all probability be unable to cope with the situation and the whole race would be endangered. I believe we have developed a subset of some 10/15% of humanity that does think outside the box, do not operate inside the normal social limitations, i.e. are maverick and would in effect innovate and lead the majority to better and more advantageous situations.

My current work in progress is all about the hidden patterns of leadership, and the role of leadership within the context of human societies, and it is also about understanding the structure of our human societies in such a way as to allow us to unlock our potential as a race, and  transcend our current collective limitations.

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