Adaptation Through Lateralisation Campaign


1.0 Infusing Lateral Thinking, To Survive Entropic Waves

The above image is the imposing picture of The Great Wave (Kanagawa Oki Nami Ura) which is the best-known work by Japanese artist Hokusai Katsushika (1760–1849), one of the greatest Japanese book illustrators. The image epitomises the power and impact of a tidal wave as an entropic event on the ships, struggling to survive. Natural entropic events that could impact human systems are meteorite strikes, earthquakes, weather events and disease. Human entropic challenges derive from the competition from other human systems that in extreme situations begat wars. Our theory of Anti-Entropy in Human Systems describes how humanity has evolved survival mechanisms to overcome these challenges.

2.0 Lateralisation Is The First Step To Adaptation And Survival Through Any Entropic Change 


All individuals and organisations exist on a spectrum of linear to lateral which are shaped by environmental (cycle) and genetic factors. Whilst linearity and iteration are key to optimising periods of stability, adaption to change requires that a system maximises its lateralisation as swiftly as possible. This applies to governments, their military, corporates and all financial organisations. However, historically the lateral to linear shift has been triggered by external entropic events, and then adaptation has taken place belatedly, making survival a very tenuous undertaking. The preferred option is to anticipate the oncoming entropic wave and enact a lateralisation shift long before it arrives, maximising the chances of survival and success.

In essence, lateralisation maximises creative solutions to insurmountable problems. As such, we believe that lateralisation is the base requirement for the resolution of all Global Forecaster’s strategic campaigns, and has thus become our core/primary campaign as applied to the Western world’s leadership evolution.

3.0 Today’s Entropic Wave: The K-Wave Cycle Crisis 


As the world faces a new K-wave crisis, leaders of the governments of the Western world and businesses will have to quickly re-learn key lessons to survive the waves of entropy now crashing onto our shores, because the rate and magnitude of the entropic waves hitting us will only quicken in frequency and increase in magnitude into the 2025–27 peak. Key examples are war, rampant inflation, energy and food security. On a dramatic level, it also includes the collapse of the Doomsday Bubble for which we called the exact high of the NASDAQ at 16740 on 22nd November 2021. (Read: Inflation and The Bursting Of the Doomsday Bubble Followed By Brutal Stagflation.) We know the equity decline accelerates in the days and weeks ahead with the risks of a price dislocation, otherwise known as a crash. These future events are explained in more detail in my speech – watch Owen James - Future-Proofing Your Business - A Meeting Of Minds Keynote Session.

4.0 Remembering How Empires And Human Systems Are Built 


Based on the Five Stages of Empire or the Five Phase Life Cycle, the main phase of the expansion of an empire of any human system takes place under lateral leadership from the end of the regional civil war to the peak of the cycle in maturity. This is because the highly adaptive thought process out-innovates and out-thinks the strategic competitors. Then, once the empire reaches its peak and the system has become a dominant monopoly, the number of entropic shocks decreases and the very size of the system and its resources makes it immune to most entropic impacts.

Thus, a more linear and collective leadership construct evolves, ejecting the lateral thinkers as they become perceived as mavericks. Then, as the system goes into overextension and declines, the rate of impact of new entropic events increases, as the system increasingly loses control of its military and economic environment. Each impact is made worse by the poor responses of the linear leadership, which then begets more challenges in an ever-accelerating death spiral. The response to this circumstance by linear leadership is to execute more control, with an inevitably narrow focus that only makes matters worse. By the time the linear leadership finally realises that they are defeated and in the final state of collapse, it is too late for anyone with a lateral thought process to reverse the situation.

In summary, the system expands under lateral leadership and contracts under linear leadership. This process is explained in detail in my interview, Consciousness or catastrophe, with Jane Gunn. 

5.0 Maverick Lessons

top gun

Whilst our hero, Maverick, survived three decades of relative peace only through the protection of Iceman. In the film, Iceman held the ultimate power of admiral of the Pacific fleet, and knew the time would come when Maverick's skills would be needed, which were immortalised in his dying words, “The Navy needs Maverick”, though only he knew that and the Navy did not know it until it was almost too late!

Indeed, true to reality, like the moment Maverick's Iceman dies, the linear thinker and commanding Vice-admiral Cyclone spared no time in busting Maverick, seeking to take over the role and advocate for a conservative attack that was guaranteed to fail. It was a clearly disastrous strategy that only wild and blind hope could support, yet he believed that his plan was the only option and would work, and that he knew best, when in reality he was totally out of his depth. This mindset is emulated by linear leadership across the West today. In the past, only great failure has exposed such linear hubris, especially in war at great cost. However, today, we simply cannot afford to pay that price, nor for that matter can any business, emulating this linear blindness charging towards a brick wall. Read Top Gun: Maverick – The Need For Lateral Leadership: Part 1 – The 40-Year Geopolitical Backdrop and Top Gun: Maverick – The Need For Lateral Leadership: Part 2 – The West Needs Many More Mavericks To Survive.

Today, the Western world is making a similar mistake as that seen in the film Maverick, as we are led by linear leaders who are expounding policies and strategies that have no chance of success. They and the people they lead need to recognise that every system that is to survive needs to swing from linear to lateral, almost overnight, as they will not have four years of war to drive that process when the outcome of a war could be decided in weeks. Rather, it has to be artificially and consciously engineered before the entropic event hits.

7.0 Taking Avoiding Action


Today in the Western world, we have seen 20 years of money printing, which has created the most extreme conditions that has facilitated predominate linear leadership at the top of governments, the military and large companies. So, the key question is how does a linear leader, who recognises the challenges ahead, navigate his or her organisation through the oncoming sequence of entropic waves we all now face? The four key stages are as follows:

  1. Identify where an organisation is on its cycle. The most important assessment for a leader is to work out where on the Five Stages of Empire or the Five Phase Life Cycle their organisation is positioned. This will give them a true reflection of the nature of the human resource at its disposal and the collective energetic state of the system to meet the threat.
  2. Replace linear advisers with competent lateral thinkers. These are people who can adapt to the challenges ahead and get ahead of the threat curve. This must include high IQ and functioning dyslexics, who are the most extreme version of lateral thinkers and pattern identifiers.
  3. Assess the incoming threat. Including where the nation or company is on its cycle, with both lateral and linear thinking red and blue teams. Then compare and contrast and weigh the lateral team more heavily in execution choices. The lateral solutions will more likely be quantum solutions, whilst the linear thinkers will be iterative solutions that will not be of the magnitude required to survive the threat.
  4. Execute lateral adaptive strategies with linear implementation. Recognise that challengers will be lateral in their thinking and strategies.

For greater insight into enacting an enhanced lateral thinking survival process, we have included the relevant section, Principle 3, from our theory of Human Collective Systems below.

8.0 Global Strategist Can Catalyse Your Transformation

We offer transformational programmes for the accelerated shift to a more lateral organisation. We also use our global forecasting models to map the geopolitical and economic terrain ahead, which we combine with historically proven strategies based on lessons from our Five-Phase Lifecycle, as applied to the environment and our clients’ organisations. 

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Wow.. impressive. I think we are in uncharted waters with an intersection of inflation, war, food and still a pandemic. I'm not sure how this will all shake out; Godspeed for the world!

Dr. Jason Seibel, DSc, Founder of the Performance Management Group

Absolutely brilliant synopsis and forecast David Murrin. I love the metaphor of waves, and entropic waves are as real as they can be if we are aware of their existence. 

"We stand ready to facilitate an entropic adaptation process for governments, companies and organisations with our Global Strategist Models." 


Akbar Sayeed, Diversely Experienced Wireless Engineer, Researcher, Inventor, Technologist, Consultant and Troubleshooter Extraordinaire

Absolutely brilliant synopsis and forecast David Murrin. I love the metaphor of waves, and entropic waves are as real as they can be if we are aware of their existence. 

"We stand ready to facilitate an entropic adaptation process for governments, companies and organisations with our Global Strategist Models." 


David Murrin - you are like a modern day prophet for our times. There are many a people who are here to join you in spreading the awareness and earnestly start the hard work of reversing the growing entropy of the creeping Entropy Wave. If only our "decision makers" would have the minimal bit of awareness to sense it and its magnitude.

Akbar Sayeed, Diversely Experienced Wireless Engineer, Researcher, Inventor, Technologist, Consultant and Troubleshooter Extraordinaire

David Murrin love the analogy of a tidal wave because it tosses humanity like flotsam into directions previously unseen. You cannot ‘fight’ the power of a tidal wave unless you pinpoint the root of what caused the tidal wave in the first instance. Lateral leadership is in my view linear leadership - flat, out of date and we require leaders who thing outside of the box and have the ability to inspire the possibility for changing same old thinking! I LOVE reading your views.

Nikki J Owen, Founder at The Healing Hub Limited