The Physics of Humanity

The Physics of Humanity

1.0 The Core Theory of The Five Stages of Empire

Back in 2002 David created a new set of theories that he collectively named ‘Human Systems Theory’, or the ‘Physics of Humanity’. His  Theory of Dyslexic Strategic Thinking explains how his dyslexia has allowed him to see patterns and connections that others do not see. This, combined with his training as a physicist, long-standing fascination with human warfare, and experience studying collective (and individual) unconscious behaviours while working in Papua New Guinea and the financial markets, gives him a unique blend of perspectives, enabling him to discern patterns in history and unfolding events. His scientific background has driven him to distil those observations into a series of theories, supported by empirical historical behaviours, that he hopes will be the start of a new branch of science. 

Since their inception post 9/11, these theories have allowed David to predict the underlying cycles that impact geopolitical events and market price movements. His work suggests that mankind is approaching a watershed moment. Geopolitical instability is sliding into global conflict, which together with global warming, pandemics and the dwindling of natural resources, comprises a threat to humanity and society as we know it. This next decade will be critical for society’s survival.

In his 2010 book Breaking the Code of History, David argued that human behaviour was driven by specific patterns. These patterns are fuelled by our need to survive and prosper, yet have also caused us to make the same destructive choices over and over again. To survive, we must identify the patterns that underpin our historical cycles, and then learn the lessons and apply them to today’s challenging world. Understanding the ebb and flow of empires throughout history enables us to pinpoint the mechanisms that cause civilisations to rise and fall, and to identify the points of future conflict.

When viewed through this lens of rise and fall, all civilisations – from early human society to the modern era – can be seen to develop, wax and wane in five key stages, which David calls the Five Stages of Empire. These stages span early development, accumulation of resources, maturity, over-extension and decline. Nationalism, communism and religion are but the tools society uses to define itself, shaping people’s behaviour and acting through differentiation as the catalyst for conflict. In contrast to the general perception that logic governs the affairs of mankind, Breaking the Code of History argues that human history is determined by unconscious collective dynamics.

Moreover, it demonstrates that human history’s apparent randomness, being peppered with so-called ‘black swan events’ is an illusion. Once the sequence of events is understood to be governed by collective behavioural patterns, we can see the degree to which our lives are bound up in numerous interrelationships. Allowing us to become free of The Linear Constraints of Black Swan Thinking.

Instead, we can embrace the reality that human systems follow predictable five-stage cycles, in which certain types of events occur at specific points. When we are unaware, these cycles engender collective thought processes that can blind us, individually and collectively, to the events around us. But when we correctly decode human behaviour, we can predict and prepare for such events. Indeed, Global Forecaster has provided ample evidence that this is possible, with our Past and Present Predictions.


2.0 The Three Sub Theory’s of The Five Stage of Empire

David postulated three other new core sub theories within the Five Stages of Empire, in the form of Polarisation and the Road to War and The Theory of Warfare. He also recognised that the K wave, with its 54-56-year drumbeat, relentlessly catalyses wars at the peak of its entropy cycle, with the severity depending on where protagonists are on their own empire cycles.

However, it was not until recently, when David expanded his theories to not only explain human systems behaviour but also the forces behind their formation and destruction, that the power of the K wave cycle could be placed into a greater catalytic context in relation to human affairs. Opening out a new way of understanding Human dynamics.


3.0 Two New Additional Core Theories Based on Human Anti-Entropy

Not only has time endorsed the theories in Breaking the Code of History, but it has also allowed David to further his understanding as to why and how humans create empires in the first place. He explained the underlying driving forces behind human social structures in two new theories.

The first and most overriding was The Macro Theory of Anti-Entropy in Human Systems, which explains why humans create social structures as survival mechanisms. These structures aim to maximise what David describes as ‘human anti entropy’, which is essentially the ordering of the world around us in a way that maximises our survival bubble in an entropic Universe. This theory also puts forward that we have now reached the unconscious limitations of our current strategy for human evolution, and that we must now evolve beyond that limitation or fall back into another dark age.

The potential timing of this decisive moment is linked to the K wave, first identified by Kondratieff in the mid 1920s. It measures inflation, but is in reality a collective heartbeat of anti-entropy on the y axis. Its 56-year peak, which we are now approaching, is the maximum point of entropy. At this point, wars manifest to break down old senescent empires and nations, like a forest fire burning away the old wood, allowing the replacement and rejuvenation of a new and more dynamic human system. Notably the biggest degree wars of Hegemonic challenge take place every 108-112 years (ever other K wave cycle) with we are approaching in 2025-27.

David’s  second new theory was that of Human Collective Systems, to better explain the role of micro-individual behaviours within social organisations from tribes ,companies to the largest fractal of the Five Stages of Empire cycle. This allows a more granular assessment of the character of all forms of leadership, past and present, and provides practical tools to recognise malignant characters before they can do their worst to the human collective and individuals. Hence this theory also allows each of us to better understand the human behaviours around us and to maximize our outcomes as a result.


4.0 Looking Foward to a New Dawn For Humanity

Once we break the code, and collectively absorb the new perspective into our very beings, we can then contribute to seeking a new awareness of our society, to better inform our future decisions. Armed with this knowledge, we will be in a position not only to examine our geopolitical present with precision, but also to make predictions about the future of our world. This will allow us to create new and more positive outcomes, and accelerate conscious human evolution.

A goal that Global Forecaster  describes in our aspirations for humankind and Sentience, which we seek to manifest through our Mission statement.