Past and Present Predictions

US Flag In Tatters


  • 2003 Predicted that America had moved into decline, the fifth and final stage of empire as of 9/11: a prediction which was first made public on CNBC in March and repeated during March–December 2010.

  • 2007 Predicted that Obama would win the 2008 election and then, in 2011, that he would be re-elected in 2012. That his election in 2008 would confirm America’s decline, based on the historic point where the underclasses rose to power through the demographic significance of the non-White vote.

  • 2008 On the day of Obama’s election success, when his popularity was running high, we made the prediction that Obama would go down as one of the worst Presidents in history. As with all other ground-breaking leaders elected from the underclass, who always focused on internal divisions and failed to maintain the boundaries of the empire, presiding over a precipitous collapse that then encouraged enemies to gather at the gates.

  • 2009 Our predictions of American decline were affirmed and detailed in Breaking The Code Of History (BTCH).

  • 2014 We predicted that the next US President would be a Republican, so whoever was the Republican party nomination would be President.

  • 2016 (Jan) Predicted Trump’s Republican party nomination would be successful and thus that he would become the next US President against all popular opinion. We pointed out that his Make America Great slogan was perfectly resonant with America after Obama’s massive power giveaway over his eight-year tenure.

  • 2016 Predicated that there would be a US-Chinese trade war initiated by Trump that would be the first stage of the end of a global trading system, to be replaced by a global bifurcation into two spheres: Western and Chinese.

  • 2018 Predicated that if America failed to confront and deter Chinese aggression, it would make the road to war in 2025 highly probable.

  • 2019 (Dec) Predicted that Trump would lose the 2020 election.

  • 2020 (Jan) Predicated that Biden would win under a socialist set of policies that were aimed at wealth distribution and that his term would be the terminal phase of American decline.

  • 2021 (April) Predicted that the withdrawal from Afghanistan marked the terminal and fifth stage of decline and the contraction of America hegemony.

All documented in numerous blogs/videos on the decline of American power on the Global Forecaster website.





  • 2003 (March CNBC) Predictions first made public on CNBC that China would expand its economy and coincidently its military capabilities to challenge American hegemony. That this was the onset of strategic competition and that trade wars and a new arms race would certainly follow in the decades ahead.

  • 2004 That the initial stage of the Chinese cycle up to 1996 had been based on copying and assimilating best practice from those around them i.e. America. However going forward in the second stage of expansion to Empire, that China like all empires before them would out innovate their competitors. Specially America in the inevitable economic and arms race ahead.

  • 2009 Our predictions of Chinese expansion were affirmed and detailed in Breaking The Code Of History (BTCH).

  • 2009 (onwards) Numerous predictions of the Chinese leading the arms race to threaten American hegemony.

  • 2009 Predicted the rise of the new Pacific alliances to contain China between India, Japan, the US and Australia.

  • 2011 Predicted the accelerating Chinese US arms race.

  • 2015 Predicted that the path to the absolute power of President Xi is similar to Mao, as is his commitment to making China a superpower.

  • 2016 Predicted the increasing US tension with North Korea as China manipulates the situation to its advantage.

  • 2016 Predicted that a trade war with China was an imminent certainty.

  • 2020 (5th Jan) Predicted that the Wuhan pandemic would spread around the world.

  • 2020 (March) Predicted that SARS-2 was a completed bio-weapon that had been released by Xi, to regain the initiative that had been lost during the US-Chinese trade war.

  • 2020 (April) Predicted that the old global trading world had bifurcated into a Chinese and non-Chinese sphere of influence. A process that would end with the fall of the second iron curtain.

  • 2020 (May) Predicted that China had switched economic models from a manufacturing export economy to an internally fuelled consumer society, supported by a rapidly growing military economy, as China’s five-year plan emulates Hitler’s four-year plan. This signified Xi’s determination to militarily challenge America.

  • 2021 (March) Continued predictions of the high risk of WW3 in 2025, initiated by China in 2003 and reinforced regularly with articles on this website and the publications, Now or Never and Red Lightning.

All documented in numerous blogs/videos on Chinese power on the Global Forecaster website.





  • 2005 Predicted that catastrophic climate change had been baked to the tune of 10 degrees by current CO2 levels, based on evidence of the 800,000-year ice cores.

  • 2009 Full details of this thesis were released in my book Breaking The Code of History. That we would need to extract the carbon and methane we had put in during the industrial age to stabilise our current ecosystem.

  • 2009 (to now) Predicted that Carbon Neutral policies are not sufficient to reverse the 10-degree-plus temperature change that we have built into our climate through CO2 emissions.

  •  2021> Interview, November 2012

Documented in numerous blogs/videos on climate change on the Global Forecaster website.





  • 2015 Predicted that Cameron would win the next UK General Election as politics shifted towards the right and wealth creation policies.
  • 2015 Predicted the outcome of the Scottish referendum, i.e. that Scotland would not leave the strong UK, Based on the theory that smaller nations do not leave a larger expanding system and that Britain was indeed expanding.

  • 2015 (Dec) Brexit – Predicted that if a referendum on the EU was allowed by Cameron, it would result in a Leave Vote. We furthermore correctly highlighted the key social drivers behind the Leave Vote.

  • 2016 (to Brexit) – We correctly predicted the course of Brexit events based on a regional civil war model that explained how the right-brained thought process of the Brexiteers would inevitably win, this included Boris Johnson becoming PM as he had the only energy that resonated with this profound social change.

  • 2019 (Early) We predicted the birth of Global Britain and its key policies using the second stage of empire as a model for Britain’s future behaviour.

  • 2019 (Nov) At a time when there was fear of a landslide Labour victory under Corbyn that would take Britain back to the 1970s, we predicted that the Labour party would lose the majority of its key traditional supporters in the next election, as a result of the Conservative new wealth distribution element to their policies.

  • 2020 We predicted the birth of a new form of politics under the conservatives that combined wealth creation with wealth distribution.

  • 2020 (Jan) Predicted that Boris Johnson would win a landslide election, allowing Brexit to proceed.

  • 2021 (Jan) Predicted that despite the apparent majority of Scots as shown by poles, who favoured leaving, we predicted that Scotland would not leave the Union.

  • 2021 (Jan) Predicted that, despite the pandemic, the expansion of Global Britain was on course as outlined in the second stage of the empire cycle and that Britain was the only nation in the Western world undergoing a stage of expansion as the others (US and EU) were contracting in terminal decline.

>Documented in numerous blogs/videos about Brexit and Global Britain on the Global Forecaster website.




  • 2014 Predicted that the EU would commence its collapse 2019/20. (Brexit was just such a point.)

  • 2020 Predicted that Germany, the engine of the EU, had gone into the fifth stage of empire decline, i.e., the truck that pulled the EU was running out of gas, so the EU was doomed!

Documented in numerous blogs and interviews on the Global Forecaster website.





  • 2018 Predicted that Russia would undergo economic contraction into the B wave of the K cycle low in late 2019, which should be used by the West to make a rapprochement with Putin. Otherwise in the next commodity inflation cycle into 2025, Russia would become very wealthy and increasingly belligerent towards the West. Western response to Putin’s belligerence would then push Russia into the arms of an alliance with China with deadly consequences for the West.

  • 2020 (March) Predicted that Russia would undergo a wave of major civil unrest within 12 months that could unseat Putin.





  • 2009 We predicted in Breaking The Code Of History that the next global pandemic was going to come from a Chinese bio-weapons lab that was part of a US Chinese arms race.

  • 2020 (5th Jan) When the world was asleep, we predicted that the Wuhan virus would spread to be a major global pandemic that would all but shut down the global economy.

  • 2020 (Feb) Based on our 2009 prediction above, we posited that SARS-2 was a finished bio-weapon that in all probability had been released by Xi, to regain the initiative that had been lost during the US-Chinese trade war.

  • 2020 (March) At a time when people thought it would be a short-lived pandemic, we predicted that the Wuhan virus would run unconstrained with sequential multi-strain waves for at least 18 to 36 months.

  • 2020 (March) Against Government policy and fear-mongering, we predicted that lockdowns were not going to be effective nor were they justified, but rather that partial aged-based lockdowns (above 60) should be used initially to allow the economy to continue to function.

Documented in numerous blogs and interviews on the Global Forecaster website.





  • 1998 Predicted the Asian Crisis top to bottom.

  • 2001 Predicted at the highs the Argentine bonds bull market was about to collapse and go into default. Then bought the lows.

  • 2002 Predicted the commencement of the next 25-year commodity cycle with oil, mining and agriculture.

  • 2004 Predicted the growth of Africa as the prime investment destination based on the New K cycle.

  • 2007 Predicted the 2008 financial collapse and made significant returns of 84%.

  • 2011 Predicted the end of the first phase of the 25-year commodity price cycle surge to be followed by price deflation until 2018.

  • 2012 Predicted the continuation of global commodity deflation into late 2019. Including oil reaching sub $30.

  • 2019 (Dec) Predicted the Bitcoin Buy Zone @7,000.

  • 2019 (Dec) Predicted that Oil will drop from $63 to sub $27 in a demand collapse that decimates the oil industry within 12 months.

  • 2020 (Jan) Predicted the impending US and global stock market peak with one month of 40%-plus within 12 months.

  • 2020 (Feb) Predicted that the stock markets had peaked and would fall as the pandemic spread across the world. Consequently, all our clients moved to 100% cash positions at the highs.

  • 2020 (March) Predicted that Gold, after a major decline, was a buy @$1487 targeting $2400 within 18 months. (Exited @ $2000 high.)

  • 2020 (Aug) Predicted the Western world was in a state of stagflation because real unleveraged growth was low and inflation was on a secular rise along with the commodity cycle over the next five years. That the condition of stagflation would only worsen with time.

  • 2020 (Aug) Predicted that after the lows of the stock market decline in March 2020 we had seen the end of Phase 1, and that the recovery bounce was Phase 2, which would inevitably be followed by a second and even more-destructive bear market and asset destruction cycle called Phase 3.



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