Institut Le Rosey 13th Nov 2018

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Testimonail- Kim Kovacevic : Academic Dean 

"David is a deeply passionate and knowledgeable historian. He gave a superb talk at Le Rosey on the turning points of World War One and the similar geopolitical situation facing world leaders then and now. He very much inspired our young historians”

Lions Led By Lions-Commemorating WW1 through understanding (80mins)

1.      Introduction

2.      The build-up to WW1

3.      The War at Sea

4.      The land War

a.      Phase 1 The German opening attack

b.      Phase  2 Deadlock

c.       Phase 3 The German spring offensive

d.      Phase 4 The BEF and French Offensives

5.      Aftermath

6.      Reflections; Is it happening again?

7.      Changing the Future


Bringing WW1 To Life (60 mins)

1.      The Battle of Jutland

2.      The role of the tank as a war-winning weapon

3.      The Battle of Amines-The turning of the tide


David Murrin has been described as a polymath. His 30-year career has focused on finding deep-seated patterns in history and using them to understand and accurately predict the future in both today’s turbulent geopolitical dynamics and financial markets. To achieve this he has developed a unique model for human systems and their cyclical behavior that is applicable to empires, nations, military organisations and companies. This five-stage roadmap enhances understanding and decision-making and has a remarkable track record of predicting events over the past two decades.

He has a special interest in military history and the current global military balance in the new global arms’ race, which he perceives as a reflection of today’s major global geopolitical shifts.

He started his career in Papua New Guinea in the oil exploration business. In 1986 he joined JP Morgan developing, testing and applying his theory to great success for seven years. Since 1993 David has built and run and many companies from the first Emerging Market hedge funds to the largest agricultural Fund in Africa.

Post 9/11, recognising that the world had changed in an instant, David combined his interests in military history, geopolitics and finance into a unified geopolitical model. This cumulated in 2011 with the publishing of Breaking the Code of History, which highlights the key process in human social structures that impact on today’s changing world.

David speaks widely and internationally on themes from his book and applies the key principals and predictions to all aspects of the businesses that he is closely involved with. He is Global Fellow of PS21, the Project for the Study of the 21st Century.

David offers audiences powerful practical insights into the forces for transformation of the world’s power systems, challenging entrenched assumptions and sharing astute practical examples from history and current turbulent realities.