Harvard Business School Alumni event

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"Sometimes one can point to events in one’s life that are for a lack of a better expression “life defining” - David’s presentation was one of them. For years I have had in my mind unorganised thoughts about how the power of nations (in his words 'empires') have changed over time. David’s presentation finally helped me put these thoughts within a framework! I work for a family office focusing primarily on investment opportunities in Latin America and what was also very interesting was to see how David manages to move from a conceptual framework to very specific market views and trade ideas.

I have already bought three of his books, and I have been spreading the word. I would love to continue following David’s progress and discuss / help / participate in the further development  of his investment and conceptual work."

Andrea Bonafe, Aspen Advisory Services Limited

"I felt David's talk was terrific: it was well-researched, interesting, and thought provoking. I thought about the presentation for days afterwards. It changed my views on some emerging markets and I shifted my investment portfolio as a result."

Gadi Slade, member of the Harvard Club of the UK