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I have long maintained that films are powerful indications of the social mood and values of a society. Within that context, the comparison between two recent war films is highly informative as to… Read more.

As the global commodity price cycle begins its downward swing, Russia is set to be hit hard, forcing Putin to reassert himself – unless the West acts first David Murrin The impending worldwide… Read more.

Pattern analysis templates for Market Analysis based on Elliott wave counts.

Global macro managers have to navigate a complex web of interconnected risks: market, credit, liquidity, financing, counterparty and operational, to name but a few...

Download and read the… Read more.

In the bang-for-bucks game the Chinese are aspiring to create an armoury of cheap-but-lethal missiles that can overwhelm any opponent's layers of defence, ripping a massive hole in the protection… Read more.

In the first part of a commentary on what he sees as the advent of a new arms race, much of it centred on naval expansion, David Murrin observes that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself… Read more.

The Tie that Binds

In physics, the term ‘polarisation’ denotes the condition by which the oscillation of certain types of wave can be oriented on the same plane. Individuals, cultures and empires… Read more.

The fundamental premise of the Five Stages of Empire model is that throughout history, human beings have conducted their affairs according to specific patterns, repeating them without conscious… Read more.

Cast your mind back, if you will, to the market low of March 2009, after the precious wealth underpinning family offices halved in value, against the November 2007 high.

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