The Next Dreadnought Revolution; Dominator Class Cruisers


This paper proposes a new class of warship, The Dominator Class Cruiser, that would effectively counter the threat from The PLAN to control the worlds oceans articulated in our Red Lightening scenario. 

Dating back to when battleships usually took several years to build, the construction and launch in 1906 of HMS Dreadnought in less than 12 months, was a demonstration of British military intention and industrial might. But most critically her all big gun design and steam turbines made every ship built before that point obsolete. The geostrategic consequences were enormous as it gave Germany a window to attempt to challenge for control of the world’s oceans. Accelerating the British –German naval arms race to astronomical levels. Today we are witnessing a new and fourth great industrial arms race, catalysed by Chinas hegemonic ambitions. As it seeks to out-build America and its allies to create a blue water navy that can dominate the world’s oceans. In this similar environment perhaps it is time to consider the emergence of a new class of Dominator Cruisers.