Lions Led By Lions - Commemoration through understanding

David’s new book will be available for Xmas 2018.

We have created a limited edition of 500 books to commemorate WW1. The cost is £19.95 and it is only available at https://www.davidmurrin.co.uk/book/lions-led-by-lions/purchase

Please encourage your friends to buy one too and change your perspective on the BEF and WW1 Happy Xmass

The Solent Geopolitical Briefings

David will be offering a series of summer geopolitical briefings aboard Cetewayo over the duration of a day, aimed at senior managers and officers in businesses and politics. The day is designed to highlight key political and economic risks that are critical for the survival of many businesses and that will need to be navigated in the years ahead.


Changing Borders

Why is it that human societies assume a linear projection of events from any point now into the future?
It would seem that we have a collective blind-spot to the ever changing world we live in, and have an inability to predict events collectively before they unfold, such as the annexation of the Crimea by Russia.
BTCH was written specifically to change this paradigm and give the reader a new and realistic way to understand and predict geopolitical events.

The Winds of Change

‘Breaking the Code of History’ points out that a war is not merely a violent physical conflict, but  that its energy and sources derive from the position of the nations involved upon their point in the cycle of empires. Similarly the vigor that changes leadership within a nation is also dependent on where that nation is on the cycle of empires.

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