Disease and Empire

Empire cycles & leadership: the Ugly & the Great Part II: The Great

During the positive phases of an empire leaders serve the people they lead, which is in sharp contrast to the negative self-centred leadership values demonstrated in the declining phase of empire.

The recent film “The Darkest Hour” is firstly an absolutely brilliant and engaging drama. Secondly, like all successful films, its’ underlying theme resonates with the state of the underlying society from which it originates.

The mosquito war

Mankind has caused 322 animal extinctions in the past 500 years (with two-thirds of those in the last two centuries). Sadly, this is an inevitable consequence of man's success and unconscious expansion across the globe which has modified numerous habits. There is, however, no example of mankind waging a war against another species. However, maybe the time has come to start with the mosquito?

The race between drugs and microbes

With a whole section in BTCH devoted to disease, it is with great concern that we have watched the progress of antibiotic resistant microbes that could return us to the days before antibiotics became available. At the heart of this potentially disastrous problem is the wide scale use of antibiotics for both humans and animals giving microbes the opportunity to adapt. While there have been protective measures on attempting to keep reserve drugs available against resistant strains, the practices of drug use in the emerging world threaten everyone.

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