Arkent -The strategic picture Update 22nd August 2019

Stock Markets

The global stock market complex has clearly turned downwards from the point we located a few weeks ago at 3020 on the S & p 500 with a 3050 limit. Over the past years the strongest stock market has been the US. Now that it turned downwards the weaker ones have taken  the opportunity to accelerate their declines. Over the past week, all stock market indices have corrected sideways and consequently sentiment has calmed down. However, today's high at 3404 should end the correction and the downward bear market is now set to resume.

The Demise of a Democratic Hong Kong

During the height of the British Empire, when the Royal Navy forced China into submission during the First Opium war, one of the outcomes was that Hong Kong became a British Colony with its key gateway into the mainland. To China, Hong Kong’s Surrender was a great humiliation and one that was only partially reversed with its return to China in 1997. The handover agreement made HK into a special administrative region, maintaining separate governing and economic systems from those of mainland China.

Flashpoint Kashmir and The Rise of Hindu nationalism

Since 9/11 the world has been focused on the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, which is essentially at the cutting edge of a resurgence of Islamic identity. As such it represents a rising challenging energy, that seeks to overturn the current balance of the Western world order. In terms of the five-phase life cycle, the Islamic meme is in a globally expansive phase. This energy is echoed in Pakistan’s national energy and identity.

The Arkent Scenario - Anatomy of the next global financial Crisis

The story so far

So far we have called the highs of the equity markets accurately and have seen the first significant drops which coincide with ratcheting up of US-China tension and the Fed lowering rates in recognition that all is not well with the economy. As such we feel confident that stocks are now on the way down in a very significant bear market that could reach 2008 lows.

Time To Cash In The chips

Casting one’s mind back to the S&P low of March 2009 when most the family office’s wealth had halved since the Nov 2007 high. Diversification had provided no protection against the collapse, as every asset had become correlated. On those dark days near the lows the global financial system as we know it, felt on the  brink of failure.

BTCH-Death by May

For over a decade, I have been highlighting that with the Super Western Empire in the final phase of decline, that it would manifest leadership that would be consistently poor. Characterized by being focused on poor judgemnet , lack of vision and essentially serving themselves rather than the people they claimed to lead. Sadly this has proven true in every nation in the west almost without exception and is personified by the premiership of May.

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