HK-PLA Intervention Now Almost Inevitable

HK-PLA Intervention Now Almost Inevitable

The above picture is but one of a sequence of photos sent from my man in HK. Rioting is centred in Kowloon and the centre of HK. In those areas the police have lost control and discipline, so it just a matter of time before the situation escalates and the PLA is called in.

The hesitation from President Xi has and continues to be the US trade negotiations, which he needs to be progressed. The HK population sense that weakness and have continued to push hard, knowing that when they go silent they will one by one be disappeared. 

The Brexit Election: Part 1 The Remain Parties

brexit election

So the 57th Parliament of England has been dissolved and last week it's self-serving egocentric speaker retired and subsequently was replaced by  a more respectful and impartial Speaker of the House. I suspect that history will judge the arrogant and deluded 57th Parliament and its speaker Bercrow as one of the most duplicitous and self-serving in British democracy’s long history.

Arkent-The Bursting of the Biggest Debt Bubble in History!

The Bursting of the Biggest Debt Bubble in History

The turn of the century marked a sea change in the vibrancy of western economies. From that point onwards underlying unleveraged growth and GDPs behaved as if they were swimming through treacle. I would argue that was because America went into the final stage of decline. Interestingly this also coincided with the new inflationary commodity cycle of a new K wave with increased input prices further imposing themselves on a sub dynamic American and western economy. This turning point coincided with 9/11.

Brexit Lessons from The England Rugby world cup Team


Every empire has had a game that personifies its values and represents its national culture. Rugby was the game of the British empire, from which it has since spread to many nations outside the commonwealth. Indeed, the Japanese world cup has been the most enormous success in strengthening the ties between the people of Japan and its western allies, at a time when the participants are being forced to  grow ever closer in their alliance to contain Chinese expansionary ambitions.

The Battle of Parliment Part 2 (The Remainers Last Stand)

The Battle of Parliment Part 2 (The Remainers Last Stand)

So after Super Saturday, Parliament has once again demonstrated its desire to frustrate Brexit, against the will of the British people. A position personified by the architect of the destructive amendment Oliver Letwin who has blocked Brexit. Although appearing affable, Letwin’s malevolent destructiveness to Britain's best interests goes back to 2010 when he was instrumental in the disastrous 2010 security review that disabled Britain's defence capability far into the future. His actions raising the question as to whether he is the anchorman of a new Russian spy ring!

Commodity Economies Part 2 – Saudi Arabia - A Vulnerable Hierarchical Structure

Saudi arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most extreme hierarchical national structures in the world . With a royal family of some 5000, benefiting at the giddy heights of the pyramid, whilst those at the bottom are far less enfranchised. Meanwhile, the nation is positioned in the middle of the Islamic world which has been undergoing a regional civil war to decide which nation and element of Islam would rule the region. Thus the energy of change and revolution is rampant across the region. As such it is remarkable that The Kingdom has survived along as it has in its current format.

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