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My latest podcast for Palisades Gold Radio is now available, part 1 of a two-part podcast titled War, Inflation and De-Globalization -–Navigating an Unstable Future

Tom Bodrovics is once again joined by global forecaster and author David Murrin to discuss the interrelatedness of China and Russia and the possibility of more conflicts around the world. Murrin explains the Kondratiev Cycle of economic turmoil and how it has manifested as a war between NATO and Russia over Ukraine. He warns of the dangers of lateral-thinking predators like Putin and Xi and paints a scenario of what an unstable future could look like if Ukraine loses the war. He argues that the Biden administration is the root of the problem and that NATO needs to go on a wartime footing and provide essential equipment to Ukraine.

Palisades Gold podcast

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“I have worked through your well-written and disturbing book “Breaking the Code of History”. I am in broad agreement with what you have written and think the book makes a great contribution towards understanding the past and the present better, thus laying a sound foundation for preparing for the future.”
Former President FW de Klerk

"David Murrin dazzles us with the scope of his learning, the depths of his experience and the vigour of his enthusiasms; all are lit with the gleam of his focus. His book is closely and tirelessly argued and superbly and relevantly illustrated, whilst his analysis is lucid and vivid. Murrin warns of the dangers ahead if the human race fails to deal with the consequences of our systematic self-destructive behaviour. This is a book that each of us should read and learn from."
Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold Director of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

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