War, Inflation and De-Globalization - Navigating an Unstable Future

Tom Bodrovics is once again joined by global forecaster and author David Murrin to discuss the interrelatedness of China and Russia and the possibility of more conflicts around the world. Murrin explains the Kondratiev Cycle of economic turmoil and how it has manifested as a war between NATO and Russia over Ukraine. He warns of the dangers of lateral-thinking predators like Putin and Xi and paints a scenario of what an unstable future could look like if Ukraine loses the war. He argues that the Biden administration is the root of the problem and that NATO needs to go on a wartime footing and provide essential equipment to Ukraine.

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Murrin highlights the danger of World War Three, suggesting that it looks more like a hot war than a Cold War. He speaks of the White House's effective use of oil caps to deplete Putin’s treasury and the irony that Europe is funding Putin’s war in Ukraine. He also discusses the development of AI and quantum computing and how it is leading to an arms race between China and the United States, with the Chinese ahead. He speaks of Putin's Achilles heel- the fact that Russia’s demographics are in decline, and how Brexit was an attempted revolution in thought, but it failed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Murrin also talks about inflation, saying that it is the signal from nature that tells us that systems have become tired and old and need to be changed. He believes that the surge of inflation will decrease demand and lead to commodity constriction due to Cold War, bifurcation and conflict. He talks about the BRICS Plus alliance and de-globalization, and the idea of turbocharging growth through productivity and innovation. Finally, he gives his long-term targets for gold and silver and encourages everyone to be bold and recognize problems to create a cascade of change and demand for change.

Time Stamp References:

0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - China, Russia & Conflict
6:10 - Prigozhin & Wagner
10:00 - Leadership & Thinkers
12:46 - Ukraine & Putins Goal
17:05 - World War III
24:14 - Supply Constrictions
26:26 - Europe, Russia & Energy
31:32 - Putin's Achilles Heel
35:05 - A.I. Singularity
42:30 - Better Leadership
49:10 - Cycles & Inflation
53:05 - Dollar & Currencies
59:10 - Inflation & Trade
1:02:16 - Rising Rates & Bubbles
1:07:32 - Bonds & Money Printing
1:09:56 - Ratchet Risk Model
1:12:14 - Gold & Silver Outlook
1:17:54 - Ukraine & Geopolitics
1:22:50 - Concluding Thoughts
1:30:07 - Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode
- David Murrin warns of the dangers of lateral-thinking predators like Putin and Xi and the need for NATO to go on a wartime footing to protect the West.
- The arms race between China and the United States over AI and quantum computing and the need for lateral leaders to adapt and move forward.
- Possible gold targets and the importance of demanding change from the government.