The Solent Geopolitical Briefings

David will be offering a series of summer geopolitical briefings aboard Cetewayo over the duration of a day, aimed at senior managers and officers in businesses and politics. The day is designed to highlight key political and economic risks that are critical for the survival of many businesses and that will need to be navigated in the years ahead.


Cetewayo, named after the Zulu king, is a yacht of exceptional pedigree that was built by Morris and Lorimar on the Clyde. In 1957, she was sold to Sir Henry Spurrier and launched under her original name of Zulu. Her second owner, Brian Stuart, renamed her to Cetewayo and sailed her in RORC races for many decades and she was then hid and abandoned by her third owner who sailed her from her mooring without full payment. In 1989, her fourth owner, David, found her as a hollow hull rotting in Pembroke Dock. She was restored over a period of 28 years. Initial reconstruction work allowed her to be sailed to the Hamble where she was brought up to her current condition. During the ‘90s, Cetewayo had many wins against the modern IRC fleet in both offshore and onshore races. During the winter 2015/2016, Cetewayo has undergone a major refit to upgrade her racing competitiveness. This includes a new mast and rig that will provide considerably more power in the light and medium wind conditions. She is now a superb example of a truly beautiful yacht that is ‘uber’ competitive. A day aboard Cetewayo is a unique classic charter boat experience with a 10am start and ending at 5pm, although times can be adjusted to suit the clients. Please visit for more information.

David Murrin

David has 23 years experience in the directional trading, PE investment and entrepreneurship. He originally trained as a geophysist with an Honours Degree in Geophysics from Exeter University, before joining a global seismic exploration company and being posted to Papua New Guinea. From 1984 to 1987, he lived and worked with local tribes in the Sepic River Basin, an experience which inspired him to begin formulating his theories on collective emotional behavioural patterns. David speaks widely on geopolitics and financial markets, appearing frequently as a keynote speaker on international conferences and on television. He is also a keen military historian of long standing. This personal passion has fueled years of research and has been instrumental in helping him to construct a macro view of geopolitics in the coming decades – from which his book ‘Breaking the Code of History’ takes its themes.

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