US-China Polarisation

The polarisation process between China and America has been escalating over the past five years, as China’s challenge towards American power has become more obvious.… Read more.

For those of you who believe the flattening of the curves and release from lockdown will see the end of this pandemic, I am very sorry to disappoint you. One only has to examine Singapore. They… Read more.

Global hegemony requires a dominant navy and critical to this demand is a nation's ability to build ships. Nelson's navy was supported by the Portsmouth shipyards which at the time had the… Read more.

1.0 A Critical Juncture in Modern History

Reality is a brutal overlord. Winning the war against the Wuhan Virus will be a long term global challenge. I believe it will take the world… Read more.

I am the first to recognise the Brexit process exemplified British national character, one of self-determination. This is something that provides hope for the future.… Read more.

Norway 1940 All Over Again

Whatever bad advice has been given to the leadership Boris must take responsibility for… Read more.

The first of the big warning signals that my Arkent scenario was right was the behaviour of the commodity sector, especially oil. In a world where economic numbers were… Read more.

The Wuhan Virus mutates in proportion to the number of people it infects. When it mutates it then produces new strains/types that could create simultaneous pandemics. This is of… Read more.

Yesterday marked Phase 2’s end in the Wuhan Market Crisis. For those of you who are not Arkent Scenario subscribers, Phase 1 was the first leg of the equity drop. Phase 2 was the… Read more.