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David will be appearing on CNBC at 08.30hrs on Friday 8th February talking about his… Read more.

If we compare today's Brexit with our two past examples of the English civil war and Henry VIIIs reformation we find an anomaly in the new British cycle. At the bottom of the British national… Read more.

The British parliament is now approaching a historic moment. It is about to vote on May’s Chequers plan for Brexit.

It therefore seems an appropriate time to review the ‘Five Stages of… Read more.

David’s new book will be available for Xmas 2018.

We have created a limited edition of 500 books to commemorate WW1. The cost is £19.95 and it is only available at https://www.davidmurrin.… Read more.

Winston Churchill once said about history, ‘The longer you can look back, the farther you can look forward’. As we approach the centenary of the end of World War I (WWI), perhaps it is time to ask… Read more.

When confronted with extreme situations the majority of us short circuit and attempt to continue our normal routines. Even in the face of obvious and impending danger… Read more.

The following article was written in response to an invitation to write an alternative viewpoint to an article titled "Why we should realise that sterling has been, and still is, much too strong"… Read more.
We have often discussed the psychology of national aggression, based on where each party is on their empire cycle. In the case of Britain and Russia, both parties have been going through post… Read more.