During the  Battle of Britain in 1940, the RAF faced the overwhelming odds of Goering's Luftwaffe. However, Air Chief Marshal of Fighter Command Hugh Dowding was a unique innovator… Read more.

1.0 Why Do Humans Fight Wars?

My conclusion in Breaking the Code of History is that human systems fight over only one essential thing;… Read more.

Voices from History

In another time, America responded to the Japanese occupation of key airfields in French Indochina by freezing Japanese assets on July 26, 1941. America then tightened… Read more.

The Failure To Prepare for this Wuhan Pandemic

Historically, modern democratic states have never been ready for the aggressive actions of a rising expansive nation in… Read more.

Why is it that children (and some adults) are scared of the dark? Or that many are freaked out when swimming in a deep clear ocean? The answer is fear of the unknown and our primeval … Read more.

First; The Good News

Since writing Breaking The Code of History, I have continued to seek enhanced concepts that explain human interactions and to better predict and understand our… Read more.

As followers of my Murrinations, from today my subscribers will be known as Arkites, after my strategy to survive this economic crash which I named The Arkent Scenario.

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Governments have been putting their medical services and economies into an entirely appropriate wartime mode. However, there is a critical element of a wartime thought process that is absent.… Read more.

First we had Trumps Friday fiscal stimulus and today the 100 BP Fed cut. However, all the market could do was go down?

Obviously there is nothing left in the armoury to combat the… Read more.