Reviews of Red Lightning

A Searing Insight into the World's perilous future.

Murrin is a global forecaster who has broken and analysed what he calls the “Code of History” and extrapolated from it to explain what is likely to happen next as Empires rise and fall. At the moment China is in the ascendant and America is in decline and in Murrin’s estimation there are signs that because of China’s almost naked ambition we are globally not that far from World War 3 as we repeat the behaviour patterns that lead to WW1 and 2.

Red Lightning is part fact, part fiction and is a searing read, a brief imagination of how and why WW111 will happen and what the consequences will be. It reads like a film script, it merits a movie and anyone who is concerned about all our futures would do well to read it.

Swanns, UK

A short, sharp and to the point essay on a clear and present danger.

Short, very punchy and to the point this book articulates in some detail, exactly how a Chinese first-strike could render Western military forces impotent in a matter of days, based on the current technologies of all the key players. The scenario is hypothetical - but sadly realistic give China's stated aims of global supremacy and Xi's apparent personal ambitions. Its a wake-up call for sure. The world sleep-walked into war with Germany despite the obvious signs and prior acts of aggression. China has a relatively greater capacity to wage war at a distance than Germany ever did and has just as much of a "reason" to attack preemptively. Definitely worth a read.


An insightful warning to the perils ahead

A very well researched short story providing a terrifying but wholly realistic scenario of how the Chinese Communist Party's ambitions are driving global instability and how they would enact a first-strike in a non-nuclear World War 3. Part-fiction, its a thought-provoking text and leaves the reader greatly reassessing how they will view the West's relationship with China going forward into the future. A must read for anyone interested in global politics and military history and planning.

Mr P Dawson, UK

This is a wake up call to the world

David has a deep understanding of the way that the CCP works and their mission to be the sole world super power to demonstrate the superiority of their system. In this short book he creates a thought experiment, looking back at the origins and conclusive victory of China in WW3, examining the repeated failures of Western leaders to be perceive the existential threat that China poses and to take adequate timely measures.

Stuart Fraser, UK

Highly engaging and frightening

David has once again produced work that is full of detail and extremely engaging. The fact China is well on track to meet it's long held targets, whilst at the same time playing nicely with the West, trade tariffs aside, helps backup David's story. Leaders seem to be asleep at the wheel and Red Lightning highlights this by describing the surprise attacks that lead to WWIII. Hopefully this book will bring to light the possible consequences if Western leaders continue to dismiss China and its growing threat.

Mr R Dewick, UK


Red Lightning