A Meeting of Minds Wealth Management

Future-proofing your business at a time of historic geopolitical uncertainty. With David Murrin, Future Forecaster. Brought to you by Owen James.

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Which part of the event did you find most useful?

  • David Murrin, thought-provoking and concerning! Both from a world development perspective and a leadership/ management style
  • Roundtables and David Murrin’s keynote
  • Keynote - all topics on the money and very interesting
  • I particularly enjoyed the keynote speech
  • A superb opening presentation

Other Comments

• Excellent
• Seen him before - lots of challenging content!
• Encouraged to do more research and read David's book(s)
• Really scary thoughts! A lot to think about!
• Excellent alternative views
• Very good presentation but a very negative way to start the day
• Thought-provoking - very good