David Murrin: Golds Time to Shine is Just Coming Into View - Part 2

David continues the conversation on Palisades Gold Radio by discussing which commodities will be highly strategic. He believes all the metals are set to take off along with oil.

David discusses the role of commodities in the conflicts of the world and how governments should move towards a hybrid market command system in order to secure essential resources and protect their economies. He also talks about the collapse of real wealth due to inflationary dynamics and asset price depreciation, as well as the devaluation of the dollar due to the money printing of central banks. He argues that the only lever central banks have to fight inflation is to raise rates, but this could have a crushing effect on markets and people's wealth.

David discusses various geopolitical themes to watch for in the coming year, such as the Taiwan conflict, the Biden presidency, and inflation. David predicts that China may make a move soon and that the US, Japan, and South Korea would be the targets of a possible preemptive strike. He believes that Russia does not have the ability to mount an effective offensive in Ukraine and the Allies in NATO are prepared to back a Ukrainian victory. David also talks about the importance of being prepared for surprises and adapting to changing conditions. Finally, he reflects on the human desire to fight, noting that warfare can bring people together for a common cause.

0:00 - Intro
0:24 - Strategic Commodities
3:49 - China & Supply Chains
7:14 - Real Wealth Collapse
9:05 - Dollar & Devaluation
11:50 - Inflation Path & Rates
14:37 - Gold the Anti-Entropic
19:04 - Metals & Mining Stocks
23:02 - Geopolitical Themes
29:40 - Change & Perspective
37:03 - Wrap Up

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Tom what a great conversation with so much information. I am going to watch both parts again. David thank you sir!  🙏

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Excellent conversation. I have never thought in this perspective or frame of mind.

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This guy is awesome.  Now searching Youtube. 

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