Doomsday Bubble Popping Means Metals Will Soar

Tom welcomes David Murrin to the show. David discusses his five model of empire and how he was able to predict that Russia would invade Ukraine. Western governments have pushed all the adaptive people. The United States is now in the fifth stage of decline. We live in a watershed time of transition of power and we're in a Kondratieff winter. Nation-states fight over resources and these are the main drivers of past wars.

David discusses the cycles that drove the cold war and the inflation during the 70s. Excessive money printing and a reduction in productivity are creating this decline. Structures are weakening in the West and our leadership is lacking. A series of disastrous Presidents have only exacerbated the problems. This decade is going to see a huge shift in commodity markets.

Putin is not a mad man. Anyone that believes this is failing to understand him. There is nothing illogical about the man. Putin doesn't play poker he follows thru on his statements.

Russia's weapon systems are designed to completely thwart the West's nuclear defenses. Putin has very carefully calculated his war to completely collapse Ukraine's will to fight. His use of nuclear leverage completely threatens other European nations.

Once Ukraine falls it's highly likely that Taiwan and South Korea will suffer the same fate.

Should Putin fail we could see a pro-western government in Russia. Should that happen China would lose its source of resources. China's nuclear deterrent is limited but when allied to Russia it's much stronger. The longer we wait the stronger the bonds will become between China and Russia. Sanctions aren't going to hurt Russia as the West will experience a big energy shock.

He believes in the importance of reducing CO2, adopting green energy, and most importantly making use of nuclear and thorium power solutions.

We're now in the bubble of all bubbles and entering decline. Bubbles have created the illusion of successful markets and those in charge can't see the magnitude of what is coming.

Precious metals will be the way to hedge against the coming market risks. This combined with mining stocks has enormous potential to outperform this inflationary cycle. Lastly, he discusses potential price targets for precious metals and why they will likely be astounding. There just isn't enough metal to go around and just imagine what happens when inflation is two or three times higher than today.

Time Stamp References:

0:00 - Introduction
1:04 - Predicting Invasion
16:30 - NATO and Conflict?
23:57 - Europe and Energy
25:48 - China & Russia
29:04 - Russia & Commodities
31:16 - Global Energy Shocks
35:35 - Doomsday Bubble
38:24 - Dollar Outcome
40:44 - West Outlook
45:33 - Hedging The Risks
49:15 - Sector Rotation?
50:35 - Crypto Market Thoughts
52:05 - Metal Price Targets
53:35 - Gold Standard & Putin
58:49 - China Gold Reserves
59:38 - Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

- Putin's strategy for breaking NATO the Wests problems of dealing with nuclear blackmail.
- Why the West is in decline and his thoughts on the dollar.
- Importance of nuclear and reducing carbon.
- Hedging the coming inflationary risks with precious metals and mining equities.

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Forestgate Homestead Poland
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