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us WW1

The Cycle of Globalisation 2b: Contraction in WW1

2.8 America Joins the war in April 1917 One of the unrecognised blockade-breaking dynamics of WW1 was America's entry into the war. Until then, America had freely traded with neutral nations such as Holland, who then directly or indirectly supplied Germany. A situation that only changed in April 1917 with the entry of the United States into the war. After intense Anglo-American discussions, America decided to emulate Britain’s measures of economic warfare/blockade. Which were initiated from July 1917, with a total trade embargo on Holland and any other neutral country supplying Germany. Causing the British to cheer along with the Americans…


Bridge across the Dnipro

The Battle For Ukraine 61; Can Ukraine Outflank Russia Across the Dnipro River?

Reports from both sides of a bridgehead being established on the east bank of the Dnipro, north of Kherson, could potentially be a very significant development. Especially with the Ukraine counter-offensive now apparently having lost momentum along the three main salients projecting into the Russian defences around Bakhmut. This was the anchoring point of the counter-offensive, along the Okihiv axis around Verbove and Robotyne. Meanwhile, the Russian command has sensed the Ukrainian pause and has been conducting a vigorous counter-offensive to pincer the defenders of Avdiivka, as shown in the map below in the big circle…


H cycles

The 108-112 Year Hegemonic War Cycle

One of the conclusions that we came to in Breaking the Code of History was that at the peak of every K wave cycle there came a war, as shown above in the accompanying diagram. Based on this, we made the prediction over two decades ago that from 2022 to 2025 we would see WW3 erupt, driven by a Chinese hegemonic challenge. Today our prediction is unfolding, with first Ukraine engulfed in a full-scale war, and now the Israel/Hamas war that seems set to escalate into a full-blown regional war involving Iran. All that remains is for China to launch its now inevitable Red Lightning strike out to the second island chain. Over the past years, we…



The Iranian/Hamas Trap Is About To Spring Shut, Unless The IDF Stops and Thinks

The unconscious cycles of history keep turning, despite the improved education levels in the West. Indeed, our continued lack of awareness of these cycles just perpetuates them, in a true dereliction of our Western hegemonic responsibility over the past decades, to shape a better world for all humanity. A failure for which we are now reaping a whirlwind. 1.0 Abusive Cycles Repeated Today, as the world teeters on the edge of the next step along the road to a full-blown global WW3, it is ironic that the actions of Hitler and his diabolical anti-Semitic campaign continue to echo through the ages to the present day. In unjustly focusing blame…



The Highly Entropic Game of Rugby

All team sports are competitive with the vital element of entropy deriving from the actions of opposite team. Two team sports are a ritualised contest In which the most adaptive, fittest and well trained and thus most anti-entropic side normally wins. The irony is that the more entropy innately embedded in the particular game the more it emulates real-life human organisational dynamics and the process of competition between nations and empires that can ultimately be decided by war. Indeed games with high entropic characteristics by their very nature incorporate high levels of personnel physicality, risking injury in their pursuit. It is…