Interview: Land Cycle Investor: Global Forecaster David Murrin Answers Your Questions!

"As promised, I put your questions to David Murrin last week in our second interview for Cycles, Trends & Forecasts. He was delighted to get such an enthusiastic response, and I think you’ll find the content extremely interesting. We discussed, in brief, some events that have taken place in recent weeks — including the discovery of Chinese spy balloons over the USA. We then got straight to your questions."


"Thanks for introducing David to your readers. His research is top shelf."

"Much appreciation for your narrative on events and the current cycle Catherine, very helpful. Thanks to David also, for these interviews and for the great info on his website, lots to learn there."
"Really enjoy the interviews Catherine does, and particularly the one with David!"
"Hi Catherine. I very much enjoyed your talk with David. In my own dyslexic way I've held ideas of the views you both discuss, yet I felt alone in these ideas. Having you both explain this perspective so cogently has helped me square up my thoughts and realise there are others who see these patterns. I really look forward to the next talk."
"Love David's website - Incredible content that is very educational as well as consequential!"

"I thought I would touch base again to thank you for all the interviews you conduct and the information I receive from my subscription overall.
Really appreciate all the effort you make. Thanks also for asking David Murrin a couple of questions I sent through to you when you requested them. I found your interviews with him so interesting, he recommends to stop thinking linear as things will just happen again similar to how they have before: Please get him back again soon.. "
"You are right about David Murrin, genius. On the way home yesterday I introduced your Jan podcast to Susan along with David.  I’ve since been to his website & sent an enquiry he replied to. One of his predictions is that England (currently ranked 6 ahead of Australia) will win the 6 Nations rugby and the world cup later this year in France. I’ve been following the 2023 6 Nations closely. England is making definite progress and their next 2 games are must-win against Ireland & France (#1 & #2 in the world)."