Investing through the fog of war, with David Murrin

"Acclaimed economic and geopolitical forecaster David Murrin returns to the Southbank studios for a second interview with Boaz Shoshan (Southbank Investment Research) - this time focusing on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In this in-depth discussion, David details the path that led to Russia's invasion and what motivated Putin's greatest gamble yet, before examining the consequences for investors and the world. 

From picking defense stocks as investors rediscover the grim art of warfare to investing in agriculture as food-security becomes paramount, the pair explore the lessons learned from past conflicts which investors would do well to remember. And as the "macro-war" on Russia's economy and currency creates a new paradigm of financial conflict, David speculates how Russia might strike back - with gold...

We hope you find this masterclass through the world of geopolitics and finance insightful. Don't miss the rapid-fire market roundup at 1:24:27 where David gives his one-year outlook for gold, oil, sterling, the FTSE, and more! 

David Murrin's uncannily successful predictions about the future have been informed by a unique career - from the jungle of Papua New Guinea to the trading floors of Wall Street.

Using a combination of economic cycles, military history, and human behaviour, David has created a model for the rise and fall of empires, which he incorporates into his investment analysis."