Market Meltdown & End Of US Empire

A wide ranging interview with North Star Bad Charts covering Breaking The Code Of History, Russia and China's threat to the west, empire cycles, US decline, financial dislocation / 1929 squared, the Wuhan virus and lock down failures, Kondratiev wave theory and much more.


Roger Levasseur
Hands down, one of the best (and honestly frightening) YT videos I have seen in a while. In a sane world, David Murrin should be on every single MSM financial channel talking about this but sadly, only a few will probably see this and prepare accordingly.

Riedo Denise
Thank you all for this absolutely impressive program.... scary scary stuff coming up .... god bless... a lot of suffering ahead...
Swiss, economist, living in LatAm

Roger Seman
Good one! Looking forward to the next one with you and David 👍🏻

Great having David on please invite him on again with his charts.  Thank Guys

The thing that worries me the most about discussions in relation to the demise of humankind, especially with the ability to disseminate the information so broadly and rapidly nowadays, is 'manifestation'. Collective consciousness and the law of attraction is real and powerful and it needs to be respected.

T J & Family
Wow! So glad you're all together! Really looking forward to this!

Force Majeure
fantastic collaboration, can't wait for the next one

Great podcast guys, thanks!

KiGI Photo
One of the more eye opening videos I have seen for a while, and I already thought I was pretty awake.

John Burgess
This is unreal, this should have 2 million views

Marc Barnes
Absolutely amazing. Thank you

I don't know what to say either, so I'll just say 'thank you guys' ! 😢

very grateful
Super appreciated!