Podcast: State Of The Markets with David Murrin, EP154

The latest interview with David titled 'Get your Tin Hats, the stock market is going to crash!' hosted by Paul Rodriguez of https://ThinkTrading.com and Tim Price of https://Pricevaluepartners.com. David discusses his call of the NASDAQ high, the crash to come, Taiwan, Korea, bonds, commodities and stagflation.

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Really interesting to have Akhil and David back to back to compare and contrast, and linear vs lateral thinking model is something I've never heard of, and a great one to ponder over. Once again Gents, thanks for doing this - it's great!

Mark McDonald MD
Incredible insight by a brilliant man. David just put into words what I’ve been thinking since I went to cash with a little gold/silver in August of 2021.

Force Majeure
Interesting interview, thanks. Main Katusa mentions about carbon credits begin a massive thing to come, wondering if it is something that investors will be able to get into like gold, silver, uranium, etc and if royalty/streaming companies will be able to get involved in that sector, as they have for precious metals

Julian Weekes
Very good stuff. Thank you.

richard meade
Fast becoming my favourite podcast. Fast!