Short The Ordinary, Long The Visionary

Boaz Shoshan (Southbank Investment Research) hosts David Murrin on tonight’s episode of Southbank Live – the interactive money show for UK investors.

David is an acclaimed economic and geopolitical forecaster.

His career spans founding JP Morgan’s European Market Analysis Group, building and selling hedge funds, and developing frameworks to predict human behaviour – from which he’s authored four books.

David can really help open your eyes to the impact of geopolitics on financial markets, and is able to give insights many money experts can’t.

Everything from Brexit, the Ukraine war, and markets at all-time highs, to the impact of lateral vs linear thinking from governments – David can help make sense of our world and its ever-expanding complexities.


Peter Dawson

"I always enjoy listening to David. What he says scares the s*** out of me but that is because he just confirms a lot of things I have concluded about the world today. I have just retired at the grand old age of 66 , I think the world ( if it is still here) will be a VERY different place when I get to 70 (If I am still here)."

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