UKIP South East Conference - 8th June 2013

David Murrin presenting at UKIP South East Conference



I was present at the UKIP conference in June. The presentation by David was excellent in terms of content, visuals and style. I have long been arguing that the West (including UK in terms of national interest) needs to take into account the global strategic threats and opportunities. My list is Population, China, Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism and Energy(I have tried to discuss these points with some people over lunch but as expected most people had little understanding). David’s presentation used the rise and fall of empires to highlight the current global and UK situation and also to show that we are now in a position of “get it right” and we can move forward into a new era of success but if we “get it wrong” we will continue to decline. I believe that leading politicians are not stupid but politics – the next election gets in the way of strategy – often get in the way of strategic imperatives. I hope that David’s message does get across to the politicians and other policy makers and the UK can move onward and upward. If his book “Breaking the Code of History” is as good as his presentation it will be an excellent read. Also I suspect it to be far more informative than a short presentation (I will comment when I have read the book).


As a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association I always look forward to hearing new messages and in the last 15 years, your presentation on 'Breaking the Code of British leadership' was one of the most stimulating and courageous presentations I have witnessed. I have today purchased the book!

Paul St John Martin.

UKIP PPC candidate - Isle of Wight.