Why our subscribers follow David?

  1. David's insights are second to none. So much wisdom and truth, well before mainstream. I check it daily. Fantastic information
  2. I find his insights give value for money for me as a retired pensioner whose days are limited but love the insights.
  3. Insight and perception of forces of influence and power not recognised elsewhere
  4. Knowledge not covered in many other places
  5. It's like nothing else out there - fab!!!
  6. His accurate predictions are very informative.
  7. I find the views presented thought-provoking and challenging and like to stay informed with a world view
  8. Keeping up-to-date with David's thoughts about developments in world affairs and how they are likely to affect my pension and investments.
  9. His insights, which seem fairly unique.
  10. He has an insight and interpretation on what’s happening in the world unlike anyone else.
  11. He also seems to be able to predict the future - something none of the rest of us can do.
  12. His predictions from years ago are coming true.
  13. Amazingly, David combines two rare traits: sharp military know-how, and astute financial acumen. Not often you find that in the same person.
  14. David has a wealth of insight that I don't see being replicated elsewhere.
  15. David has a vivid imagination, and a very thorough grasp of his topic and the skills required to survive in the arena.
  16. I find the articles very insightful and thought-provoking.
  17. He always presents an interesting viewpoint
  18. He’s far more interesting than most economic/political commentators.
  19. He’s also, at heart, an optimist which is refreshing given the dog-eat-dog publishing of most news outlets. And he’s not stupid, which makes him worth listening to.
  20. Seek a perspective on global events and current affairs often different to the mainstream media.
  21. To gain insight into world events that affect every one of us living on this planet
  22. Interested concern re global events unfolding and David's interpretation of these, as well as predictions to be better informed about future trends and events
  23. Getting a better handle on geopolitics and the consequences
  24. I am interested in the unfolding of world events and fascinated by David's ability to foresee, with a high degree of accuracy, the projection of future events and trends.
  25. I also wish to see how I can help spread that word as a warning to the relevant democratic authorities in the hope that we might be better prepared.
  26. In my 80th year, I'm still interested in the big picture
  27. New take on events which is logical
  28. Apart from what's going on in the world and how it will affect me directly, I am interested in keeping my financial decisions informed. I am interested (and worried) about his forecasts on Ukraine and a potential world war.
  29. David says it as it is and I am very confident there is no fake news
  30. Very interesting 30000 foot view of the figurative and literal battlefield.
  31. Understanding more about the world as I see it.
  32. Buying his book Breaking the code of history which opened my eyes.
  33. I own some gold stocks and gold and silver which are macro investments and David has a very interesting interpretation of the outlook
  34. I am interested to hear David's perspectives on geopolitical events and their impacts on financial markets.
  35. Was lucky enough to attend one of David talks at RAF Oldham for the 100th centenary lecture on the RAF, which was the first time i had heard of him. Soon after that i bought his book Breaking the code of history.
  36. I was so impressed by DM and the quality of the interview I purchased BTCOH which I thoroughly enjoyed and could appreciate the thoughts and patterns identified within it.
  37. It was a stretch financially to pay for Murrinations, but I felt it was worth it;
  38. Investments view and views on the future, predictions, explanations how world works, how business markets work, how politics works.
  39. As a naturally curious person, I want to understand how the world works, and David has some pretty unique insights into that.
  40. The echo chamber. I enjoy reading views that tally with my own. This after decades of shouting at the TV or swearing at the papers. Being surrounded by people who think the same as you is important, and I find myself in a minority in the world, my wife, in-laws all think I’m a deliberate contrarian. What they don’t understand is that I’m right! I now feel like I’m in good company, sound people with sound principles. To get a different perspective on world / market events
  41. Realistic analysis of the world as it currently is and future prospects.
  42. National Defence, economic and general stock market opinions
  43. David interprets differently. He links history to human emotions and drives. Plus his knowledge of Kondratiev and Elliott waves linked to major past events project a future possibility.
  44. I am interested in cycles especially the 18.6 year property cycle and how this relates to the war cycle
  45. As a small business owner and investor I find David’s insights to be extremely valuable to inform decisions I make.
  46. Keeping a weather eye. My belief, whether at sea as a yachtsman or in the mountains as an off-piste skier/off-road motorcyclist, if you make a conscientious effort to work through all the current risks in your mind before you leave port/chalet you are more than halfway to returning safely. My philosophy is to focus is on primary safety rather than secondary, e.g. inboard safety lines and good handholds rather than PLB's, tyres and brakes on cars and motorbikes rather than electronic driver aids and careful consideration of the snow pack rather than avalanche airbags. Your observations shape my strategy in keeping my family safe in this fast-changing world. Many, many thanks!