Please find below a number of reviews from various events David has spoken at.

  • Jolly well done. On behalf of the ThoughtLeader Team, thank you for your being such an exemplary ThoughtLeader .
  • I was blown away by your performance.
  • ‘What an inspiration the speaker David Murrin is!’
  • “David Murrin is an excellent speaker and plainly a very bright strategic thinking individual. “
  • They are right . You have analysed events in a different way to review history and derive conclusions, which give a really different perspective.
  • Your thesis and comparisons last night made everybody think .
  • The room was alive with curiosity .Bravo.

Thought leader forum 70 people for dinner

David is a superb and captivating speaker!
Rob Hersov- Founder of Invest Africa

Really interesting and thought-provoking • Great vision and presentation skills • Sensible thought-provoking well done • Controversial but good. strong Brexit views • A lot of  food for thought • Refreshingly different albeit slightly scary predictions! • A man with a similar view of the world delighted to see I am not the only one • Excellent

Citywire Income Forum Audience feedback 85.6%

Several years ago I had the fortune of meeting David Murrin through Rob Hersov. David captured his audience with his candid dialogue, no frill content and a wit that equaled his exceptional insights. His ability to leverage off historical context and provide relevance to the current global political arena had his audience spellbound. I would recommend David as both a speaker or VIP dinner guest at any table.

Ariella Kuper - CEO Solution Strategists Pty Ltd

I think of you often these days as we work through these intensely difficult times, and I can’t help but feel like it was just yesterday, in London, back in 2004 when you gave a keynote talking about the decline and fall of the West at the hands of China. A hegemonic challenge was building nad that would peak and result in WW3 coming into 2025 predicted high of the commodity cycle and that the Fundamentalist Muslim threat was a second-degree distraction. I just wish our leaders had listened to your predictions.

Jane Amanda Halsey Founder & President Roundtable Forum, LLC

David did such an amazing job delivering a keynote speech opening up the Future of Mining Forum event in London. David gave a very thought-provoking speech which kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the whole presentation. The talk was quite different from any other business presentation we have ever had. David was not only very knowledgeable but also came across as deeply passionate about the topic of the discussion. David challenged the beliefs and perspectives of many in the audience which lead to a great debate. We overheard multiple conversations at the reception breaks discussion David’s presentation. Guests felt challenged but inspired.

Natural Resource Forum;Natalia Egorova, Event coordinator

I will NEVER forget that keynote you gave in London all those years ago talking about the decline of the US - so spot on!
Jane Halsey, Founder & President Roundtable Forum, LLC, NYC

Recalling our meeting at a Hannam and Partners dinner and subsequent lunch, I have regarded you as something of a sage as you predicted both the Trump victory and Brexit referendum as well as the market meltdown which we have witnessed over the past week or so.

John Battersby - Director of the South African Chamber of Commerce consultant/journalist/author

I thought the session was excellent. David was a very good speaker and slightly provocative which made a great change from a lot of our events.

Peter Beckett, Partner, KPMG LLP (UK)

Many thanks for speaking for us in Cape Town last week, I have had some AMAZING feedback from those who attended – they loved it!

Abbie Ogunjobi, Invest Africa

It was a real pleasure to meet you in person and I’d like to thank you for helping to make this year’s conference such a success. Your presentation was brilliant and the audience clearly loved it – it certainly got a lot of people talking and thinking differently. Just the result we wanted!

Amelia Offer, Editor-in-Chief, SuperInvestor Amsterdam

I saw David speak at the Hong Kong Super Return conference where his unique approach to understanding the geopolitical landscape generated a great deal of excitement. I later invited him to speak at a property industry event in London and I am delighted to report that the way he linked global politics and economics to our own lifecycles really captured people’s imagination. The feedback was excellent.

Rob Short, Managing Partner, Lanham Hall

As for me, you were the most THOUGHT-PROVOKING speaker so far at the SuperReturn conference!

Adj. Prof. Dr. Martin Haemmig, Center for Technology and Innovation Management

I thought it was a very interesting and engaging speech with a full audience in the Q&A session!

Abbie Cooper, Conference Producer

David was superb!! He kept our members and guests engaged, made them feel like they were part of the conversation, and answered the most challenging questions. Everyone was amazed at David's passion and his love for his work. A truly unique view of the world and an inspiration to us all at Invest Africa.

Larisa Smith, Invest Africa

David spoke to forty of our most important clients at a recent “send-off” dinner for one of our Directors moving to South Africa.

We wanted a speaker who would be insightful, unconventional and a little controversial in their articulation of the issues and opportunities currently facing a country in respect of which a charged and diverse set of views exist. It is a tribute to David’s excellence as a speaker that he was all of these things. Concurrently he was also both very credible, and sufficiently funny to engage his audience absolutely at the end of an excellent (and long) dinner. We are already laying plans to work with him again.

Neil Passmore, CEO, Hannam and Partners

The delegates enjoyed your speech very much. We would be pleased to have you speak again at one of our events. Your speech was captivating and original. Thank you for your participating and it was a pleasure working with you.

Sarah Startup, Brand Managing Director, ICBI 

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting you and we have had excellent feedback from the guests! Everyone found it engaging, inspiring and incredible thought-provoking.

Larissa Smit, Business Development, Invest Africa

We at Global AgInvesting were greatly appreciative of David's insightful and impactful presentation that he delivered to our audience at the London event in December, 2014.

Sarah Linn Reedy, Content Coordinator, Global AgInvesting

David spoke for 45 minutes to our clients and it was simply remarkable. He took us all on a thrilling roller coaster through history, around the world a few times and back again. His unique perspectives and insights are a must for anyone who wants to try and look into the future so we, as individuals, and as business leaders, are successful.

Charles Clark, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics

We would like to thank you most kindly for your excelent presentation at our Institutional Seminar in Luxembourg. Your speech was much appreciated by all present and contributed significantly to te success of our annual event.

Anais Palmerini, Edmond de Rothschild (Europe)

David Murrin addressed a public of worldwide representatives from the helicopter industry, and his presentation has been perceived extremely insightful, funny and intriguing! it's incredible how building a successful business is mirrored in the rise and fall of empires. It was a pleasure to have David as a speaker, we do highly recommend him as a keynote speaker for any event!

Management, AgustaWestland

“I would highly recommend David Murrin as a keynote speaker to any event organizers putting together conferences or meetings for high-level executives. His presentation, “The Geopolitics of Modern Africa for Investors,” at our African Cup of Investment Management conference in Cape Town, South Africa, was a fascinating and entertaining session that proved extremely popular with our attendees. David spoke to a packed room of representatives from across Africa’s finance industry, and his presentation was singled out as a highlight of the day-and-a-half conference by several attendees. It was a pleasure to meet David and I would enthusiastically recommend him as a keynote speaker.”

Tim Bailey, Conference Producer, Information Management Network (IMN)

"A short note to thank you for your passionate participation in the African Cup! The feedback on your session has been excellent - well done!

Helena Conradie, CFA, Satrix

"I was at the 4th Annual African Cup of Investments Management conference 2013. After listening to his speech/presentation, from that day he is my mentor. I am interested in persuying the same career."

Dominic Jumo

David addressed the Royal College of Defence Studies for the first time in 2013.  His presentation on the impact of Leaders in the historical cycles of empires provided a compelling and thoughtful proposition.  David’s analysis is provocative, challenging and highly persuasive, and his talk generated much interest among the 90 Members who represent over 50 countries. Without doubt, he provided one of the genuine highlights of this high-quality 2013 Course.

Nick J Caplin CB, Major General, Senior Directing Staff (Army), Royal College of Defence Studies

Thought provoking! It is impossible to not be intrigued by the relevance and evidence of David Murrin’s theories. We are thrilled that the Edmond the Rothschild Group has invited Mr Murrin to our show.

Top Marques’ Director Steven Saltzman

The conference in Monaco was very enlightening and so close to my own opinions, which is what I told David on the day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it quite literally made my day.  

Capt Fabien Roche, Vice-President Operations, Sunrise Yachts

In November 2012 TPCG Group (a Latin-American Fixed Income Brokerage Firm) located in  Buenos Aires Argentina, had the pleasure to count with the visit of David Murrin in its 15th Anniversary Event as the main speaker.

His presentation, based in his book "Breaking the Code of History" was very interesting and delivered with enthusiasm and style, capturing the audience’s attention at all time.

TPCG had nothing but very positive feedback from clients and staff.

Fernando Alvarez de la Viesca, CEO

I want to personally thank you for your participation in Wednesday’s CAIA London Macro Panel Event but also offer the sincere gratitude of CAIA London, its members and candidates, and the CAIA Association in Amherst. By all accounts it was our best ever event and we owe that to the five of you. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and found the dialogue and different views and perspectives as interesting as we did in the audience. You guys were great.

Luke Dixon, Senior Investment Manager - Hedge Funds, USS Investment Management Limited

David took the audience to a unique and profound view point on the evolution of societies and empires. It was a timeless walkabout from past to future superbly guided in an engaging and information rich presentation.

Dr J. E. Jimenez-Roldan, Institute of Advance Science, University of Warwick

I would like to thank you for participating in our event last week. The group and I found the subject and the content of your presentation, extremely interesting and your delivery, very engaging.

Fernando A. de la Viesca, CEO TPCG Group

StatPro needed a compelling and engaging speaker for our Cloud Summit event in London and David delivered on all fronts. It is very important for an external speaker to capture the audience’s attention from the first minute, especially when it’s towards the end of the day. David’s presentation was very interesting and delivered with enthusiasm and style; we have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients and staff.

Neil Smyth, Marketing and Technology Director, StatPro

Thank you so much for coming to the Festival and for giving a talk that is still being discussed two weeks on.  It was great to have you on board and I've heard that yours was one of Waterstones' best-selling titles of the entire Festival!  Not only was it great to finally meet you, it was brilliant to have you give a speech that has prompted so much discussion and thought.

James Holland, co-director, Chalke Valley History Festival

It was a real pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much for a fascinating presentation – it was quite an education and a lot of fun! I am already getting lots of emails asking me how to buy the book. We all had a fabulous time at dinner as well and I hope you enjoyed it too.

Caroline Bault, member of 100WHF's Education Committee

David's presentation was outstanding and I very much enjoyed it. I have sent an email to some of the senior partners in our firm and have recommended him for a presentation when we have our away day.

Kunal Jhanji, Manager Customer Strategy Advisory, Financial Services, Ernst & Young London

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for your fantastic presentation yesterday.  The feedback has been extremely positive and you were an absolute star!

James Goad, Joint Managing Director, Owen James

Sometimes one can point to events in one’s life that are for a lack of a better expression “life defining” - David’s presentation was one of them. For years I have had in my mind unorganised thoughts about how the power of nations (in his words 'empires') have changed over time. David’s presentation finally helped me put these thoughts within a framework! I work for a family office focusing primarily on investment opportunities in Latin America and what was also very interesting was to see how David manages to move from a conceptual framework to very specific market views and trade ideas.

I have already bought three of his books, and I have been spreading the word. I would love to continue following David’s progress and discuss / help / participate in the further development  of his investment and conceptual work.

Andrea Bonafe, Aspen Advisory Services Limited

I felt David's talk was terrific: it was well-researched, interesting, and thought provoking. I thought about the presentation for days afterwards. It changed my views on some emerging markets and I shifted my investment portfolio as a result.

Gadi Slade, member of the Harvard Club of the UK

We would like to thank David for travelling up to Oxford and giving a very engaging speech for 85 student from CapitOx, the University's Investing, finance and consulting society, and the Oxford Asia-Pacific Society. It was by far the most successful event of the term. David stimulated a great deal of discussion afterwards between the various members of our student body. David stands out from the other speakers because of his interactive style and the topics he treats. We felt very privileged he took the time to talk to the younger generation, who will be most impacted by his theories.

Gregory Van den Bergh, Oxford CapitOx Honorary President

This is just to say thank you so much for your astonishing presentation last Thursday. And for even managing to influence the weather outside to provide appropriate sound effects. Usually at the end of these Meetings, people are quietly stealing away to catch trains ... but you managed to keep them glued to their seats ...  and when you asked for questions a positive sea of hands appeared!

Evie Owen, Joint Managing Director, Owen James

Once again, thank you very much for your participation to our institutional seminar in Brussels and congratulations on your speech; it was really exceptional !!! Hope to see you in the future.

Dominique Dubois, Vice President, Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Europe, Luxembourg

A Meeting of Minds is a strategic forum built around a series of moderated roundtable sessions, and we are looking to table big-picture, macro keynote presentations which encourage the participants to think outside of the box.  Your work on ‘Breaking the Code of History’ particularly caught our eye.

James Goad, Joint Managing Director, Owen James

I can’t thank you enough for coming – your speech was brilliant and was hugely appreciated by everyone present.

Anthony Payne MCIPR, Partner & CEO, Peregrine Communications Limited

We would like to thank you for being our guest speaker on the Agriculture Outlook in London in November 2009. Your speech 'Africa: a future bread basket for the world"'was incredibly engaging and thought-provoking. We have received nothing but fantastic feedback from our audience and hope to see you again in action at our events soon.

Marco Fernandez, Managing Director, Terrapin