Since writing Breaking The Code of History, I have continued to seek enhanced concepts that explain human interactions and to better predict and understand our collective behaviours.… Read more.

The Theory of Human Collective Systems

Principle 1: Humans Are A Collective Organism

Whilst individuality sits on a spectrum, every human is part of a collective biological system. We process information about events around us… Read more.

5 Phase Life Cycle

The Five Phase Life Cycle of Empires (as discussed on my free podcast) - a model of the growth and decline of civilisations - can provide a way both to understand history’s ‘big picture’ and to… Read more.

Commodity Cycle

The fundamental premise of the Five Stages of Empire model is that throughout history, human beings have conducted their affairs according to specific patterns, repeating them without conscious… Read more.

The Tie that Binds

In physics, the term ‘polarisation’ denotes the condition by which the oscillation of certain types of wave can be oriented on the same plane. Individuals, cultures and empires… Read more.

The Theory Of Warfare
War As An Essential element of Human Evolution

Although most of the human population would passionately condemn it, war has always been a defining characteristic of our human existence. As we… Read more.