Decouple China Radio Interview with Paul Boardman

A comprehensive global overview of the China threat and what we Americans must do now. Please listen and share! Decouple China Radio 11-8-21 Interview with David Murrin, Author RED LIGHTNING: How the West Lost World War III to China in 2025 

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Interview Excerpts:

"It would be an exception if China didn't do this with all of the signals that have been coming across from Beijing. It is very difficult to even think that they would be an exception in fact their exception may come in the level of aggression and the magnitude of their ambitions which dwarf any other country we have seen over the last 120 years. I am convinced they seek complete domination and eradication of democracy and the evidence is clear"

" of the key lessons is alliance structures need to be rigid. If China invades Taiwan, America will go to war with China with all its might. No half measures. If you have half measures, they actually invite war not the other way around..."

"...but there is a tremendous political advantage to basically combine those elements and face off against China because it is well known that you can bond internal groups of people that have different opinions if there is a greater threat and never has America faced a greater threat than this. I think there is a political opportunity to bond Americans to a common cause but what you need is a great leader and Biden is the very opposite. I suspect his Vice President is equally the same..."

"...we are in checkmate already. The first thing is you have to raise public awareness and you have to raise the defenses. You've got to get the Chinese outside the walls and you need to get the guard mobilized and you need to give them all of the weapons and money you can to enact it so that means more money aimed at critical defense tasks. The Navy needs more ships. It needs greater building capabilities. All of these things require emergency war type programs rather than just peace time programs..."