1. How good are David's predictions? For those that are curious to see how accurate our work is, please read BTCH as it has predicted the past two decades with uncanny accuracy, or review Past and Present Predictions
  2. Our Mission Statement is clearly articulated. One of which is that: We seek to share our knowledge to empower our readers and subscribers with more realistic ways of understanding our human world and how best to create more positive outcomes, especially when faced with global challenges such as the role of economic cycles, warfare in human evolution and climate change.
  3. We would like more free information. In line with the above Mission Statement there is a wealth of free information available on the Global Forecaster site, from our theories on markets and Human Systems, to regular podcasts via The State of It or as guest interviews which all Arkites are notified of via our free newsletter. There are articles that appear in the press The Genesis and Predictive Power of Breaking The Code Of History, including key groundbreaking and as it turns out accurate Global Forecaster reports such as The Unnatural Origins of The Wuhan Pandemic and its Geopolitical Consequences. Then there are proactive thought leadership strategies or campaigns Adaptation Through Lateralization and The Confront China campaign focused on major global challenges and proving strategies to navigate through then to create the most positive outcomes.
  4. Why do we charge for subscriptions? There are two reasons, the first is that we place a value on our knowledge in world full of information without insight. Secondly, we need the financial resources to as swiftly as possible expand our reach to keep spreading our knowledge and insight to make a difference in our human outcomes. In addition, our Murrinations share a level of geopolitical and market insights rarely available to the public, as they are normally kept within the higher echelons of the investment community.
  5. We would like more investment information. We already provide significant generic commentary/predictions on markets and economic conditions in our Murrinations, but cannot give specific recommendations to the public as an FCA firm. However, we perform that function in our Global Trader Product for the top investors in the world. So when the occasional listener in the public domains says that he/she lost money following David, that cannot be so, as all our trades have entry point and risk control stops are very specific, none of which are in the public domain or indeed discussed in our Murrinatiuons. We are able to however give generic advice about certain markets, Such as the high in the US stock markets in November 2021, or as in our predictions for 2023 we would see the Dollar fall, commodities rally again and precious metals act as a safe haven. Or that as in 2021 we predicted that inflation was about to surge, and then keep rising into a peak in 2025-27 that was higher than in 1975, i.e. above 20% and rates would follow suit. Also, we predicted the exact high in the housing price bubble last August 2022.
  6. Who are our investment clients? They are the world’s Largest investors, comprising pension funds, International banks, Dynamic Asset managers such as hedge funds and first-generation family offices. Together they represent a powerful network of lateral thinkers, providing feedback and further inputs that enhance the accuracy of our predictions and commentary,
  7. How are you able to predict the future when others cannot? Our work is based on a complex series of theories that we have made public providing a contextual historical perspective, by decoding the cycles of history, and hence we are able to compare apples with apples. Allowing us to use our models to provide focused analysis on key world pivot points and trends and to warn of future and unfolding entropic events
  8. What drives your work? At its heart a sense of curiosity to understand how our world really works. In that process, we seek to pose difficult questions so that they can then be answered, and that includes having the courage to present truths even if they are uncomfortable and raise individual and collective consciousness. This mindset is further accelerated by the conclusion of our analysis that mankind has entered a period of catastrophe or consciousness with the onset of WW3. The more people that understand that process the more probable will be the most positive outcome!