Interview: War and the Real Estate Cycle - Part II

"This is my third interview with David, and despite the early hour, it didn’t disappoint. David is one of the smartest analysts I’ve met. He has over two decades of experience in financial forecasting and strategic consulting.

Murrin’s thesis is essentially a five-stage empire model (using K-Wave and Elliot wave analysis), which in 2002 when he created it, implied, and predicted that:

  • The US was in terminal decline — the fifth stage of his empire model.
  • China was the second of the Asian super empires and was in its expansion phase and would move into the gap aggressively to create a hegemonic challenge to the US.
  • He has forecast that the peak of their hegemonic challenge will come with the next commodity cycle peak — between 2027 to 2030.
  • And we would have a human systems threat of a third World War unless certain steps were taken now to change the course of history.

David is forecasting war with China to commence this year – 2024."


Feedback; A personnel experience of taking the Red Pill.

Following my recent podcast Interview: War And The Real Estate Cycle - Part II with Catherine Cashmore she was contacted by a gentleman was stated that he is reluctant to sign up to her real estate reports because she was supporting Global Forecasters' work - and in doing so, he claimed was spreading fear and the message that the 'end of the world is nigh' etc. etc. This gentleman was a 65-year-old trader who had done a lot of work on Cycles from which he makes his living via trading. In response, she sent him the interview!  To which he came back with the following response.

Dear Catherine !!!
What a dark interview that has shaken me to the core and given me the strangest sensation of being 'a witness to myself '- the dawning of a deep internal realization David is right
I found myself in a state of disbelief listening to your account of the atrocities in your homeland of Israel.
I’m so sorry to hear ‘the truth’ and was moved and deeply shocked
We are all kept numb and dumb by the Western media complex
This information should be out there in its cold reality.

David Murrin has woken me up!! 
I was in denial… as most complacent Westerners are. And of course, this is complicit with the mentality of the hegemonic cycle of decline as described by David that lives in a state of denial.
I was part of the statistic. 

THANK YOU again!

More Feedback

  1. I love having you on the show - the listeners gain so much from your wisdom. You're an exceptional thinker and Stratigist; One of the best. 
  2. What an absolutely fantastic interview.
  3. I don't think I've seen all your David Murrin ones, but the ones I have, have always been fascinating, but this one was a doozy.
  4. I was glued to the screen hanging off every word he said. Such a wealth of knowledge.
  5. I really like the way he uses timelines (funny that) in his analysis which creates a clear perspective on his information.
  6. Do our world leaders ever really sit down and listen to people like David??? I don't think so. If they did they might learn something and actually take the necessary actions required.
  7. Keep these interviews coming, Catherine. They are simply excellent." 
  8. "Thank you so much Catherine for that David Murrin video. It was incredibly interesting, and it fits part of the puzzle that I have together. I was meditating a while ago and received a very strong thought once finished.I knew it came from the Universe. It certainly wasn't me. Call me crazy if you like,I don't mind. But when I get something as strong as that I take notice. It has never happened before regarding finance. It said, " If you invest in Uranium you will become very rich."
  9. I purchased 105 thousand dollars into it in late November and am in the process of adding a significant amount more right now. It's done very well lately. My Financial adviser got me to sign a disclaimer that he didn’t advise me to at the time as well."
  10. "I am halfway through. So far, I am fully engaged. I think David highlights the most important tracks of the moment regarding the West’s imminent decline, ME, and China. I think your impassioned summary of the Israeli-Hamas is a real highlight. You wear your heart on your sleeve and that comes with risks but David is very good because he stretches and contextualizes the whole ME situation.. "
  11. "Thanks for the interview; it was very informative, albeit very concerning seeing the deterioration in the Middle East and Europe.."
  12. "After listening to David I was reminded of that Nostradamus prediction from 400 years ago..."A great nation will awake from its false sense of security and isolation, and raise an immense amount of gold and a great navy. With its newfound strength, it will invade the African shore.”Perhaps they will look there for easy resources and labor for their war machine. They are already very cosy with many regimes there. He also indicated it would be around 2028.I am not really into this type of forecasting but it  is interesting, to say the least."
  13. "I’ve finished watching the video. Definitely, one of the best. David’s investment views are consistent and haven’t changed. He differentiates himself from the rest of us so our timing may be late. Although, having said that commodities like gold, oil and soft commodities are, as he said, poised to explode and are not at their highs.
  14. The vexed question is: is he right about war and China? Unfortunately, I think he is. But as you both said at various points, our leaders and our publics do not want to face it and therefore, they do not want to prepare for it. I know my family is exactly like that. I think Australia is very vulnerable as the wealthiest nation in the Pacific Basin with huge resources.
  15. I think the only thing we can hope for is some technological innovation that will at least protect us.
  16. I have wondered if Gann was right in The Tunnel Through the Air and it is the next war that will produce the innovation that will save freedom and democracy.
  17. "Keeerickey, break out the ammunition maw, they's a comin' fer us.
  18. For many years now, we have been saying the confluence of cycles from 2026-2030 suggests a momentous war. We discussed this at Prosper even before we heard of David Murrin. BK was definitely involved in those conversations. Others may have been more passive. I think we have to find ways to put preparing for war on the agenda – protect and defend. Maybe that’s the next episode.