Global Forecaster was founded to help our clients navigate an exceptionally challenging decade ahead. A prediction based on the simultaneous confluence of a series of geopolitical events – accurately predicted in our book Breaking the Code of History 15 years ago, where humanity will face a decisive moment of catastrophe or consciousness – is now upon us. By applying cycles within history using our unique Five Stages of Empire Model, we can locate the position of any nation in the present day and then predict its behaviour across various domains and timeframes. (See our Murrination Insights.)

We then combine our geopolitical model with a multiple timeframe analysis of financial and commodity markets (80 markets and 120-plus shares), to provide accurate market timing of the impact of larger-degree geopolitical events. In so doing, we can transform multi-variable complexity into the simplicity of first-order effects. This is then actionable by each of our clients, allowing them to be forewarned and empowered to navigate through these turbulent times while recognising emerging profitable opportunities before others. 

These constructs have been developed over three decades, with origins that date back to David Murrin’s pioneering work at JP Morgan in the 1980s. Based on recognising deep-seated ‘behavioural patterns’ in human systems, our models have predicted geopolitical and market events with an accuracy that many would not believe possible. Our remarkable geopolitical and financial market track records date back as far as 2001.

We offer three distinct products to support our clients:

  1. Global Forecaster - Understanding past cycles to predict future geopolitical and market events.
  2. Global Trader - Providing the IP of market strategies and real time trade recommendations of a top Alpha-generating hedge fund through our financial market insights and predictions.
  3. Global Strategist - Empowering leadership in the government, military, corporate and entrepreneurial sectors with proven and winning strategies.

Global Forecaster’s clients range from the largest pension funds and hedge funds in the world to family offices. All who value our long and medium-term strategies. Whilst our hedge fund clients benefit from our specific trading recommendations as part of an integrated strategy. All benefit from the increase of 360-degree situational awareness that we offer, derived from a source of analysis that is independent of the impact of collective sentiment that makes most analysis bullish at the highs and bearish at the lows.

Our Products