Why You Need Our Predictions

Why You Need Our Predictions


Why You Need Our Predictions

We live in an unpredictable world – one of major changes and uncertainty, making it complex to navigate.

Over the past two decades, our Global Forecaster models for the rise and fall of empires and of human systems have successfully predicted the major events in geopolitics and financial markets.

Global Forecaster is a new framework that provides accurate predictions and strategies that apply to government, asset management and business planning. Global Forecaster is a decision-driving tool that maximises outcomes – the knowledge that underpins the best actionable strategy.

In a world where central banks have been running the printing presses at capacity, knowledge is the new currency. So, can you afford not to know?

I have worked through your well-written and disturbing book ‘Breaking the Code of History’. I am in broad agreement with what you have written and think the book makes a great contribution towards understanding the past and the present better, thus laying a sound foundation for preparing for the future.
President FW de Klerk

David Murrin has the deepest understanding of history, human behaviour and markets of anyone I have met.
Andrew Pancholi, Market Timing Report

David Murrin is one of the best Global Macro Forecasters I know.
Anric Blatt