1. 2015 Using the nomenclature of BTCH the current Middle Eastern civil war is classified as a regional civil war with the unconscious social purpose of creating a unified region with a leadership… Read more.

1. 2015 With America and Europe in decline, that only leaves Britain on an upward trajectory within the old Western Christian Super Empire.

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1. 2015-2017 We are currently in a two year deflationary period that will effect commodities and equities, and drive bond yields lower (except in the case of a US/… Read more.

1. 2015 America has been in decline for over a decade, but this process has been disguised by the printing press, which has created an artificial impression of growth. The reality is that the… Read more.

1. 2015-2016 The European model of a forced agglomeration without demographic expansion has failed, with no hope for rejuvenation due the entrenchment of Brussels' bureaucracy.

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This is the revised edition of yesterday's blog, with apologies from the editor for the few typos.

1. In 2015 initially, China will continue to mount an… Read more.

Sadly 2015 looks set to be potentially another 2008 with respect to a very large market decline in stocks (30-50%), real estate (10-20%) and commodities.

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One of the foremost principles of BTCH is that the primary reason why mankind fights wars is over resources. This fascinating image of the world's commodity importers and exporters clearly shows… Read more.

The Board and executives of Sony must be consumed by not only embarrassment, but also the realisation that they failed to enact the appropriate security measures to… Read more.