September 2012


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Annual CAIA Macro Panel - sponsored by Goldman Sachs

Event date

Seminar part of: Annual CAIA Macro Panel, CAIA London’s flagship educational event Hosted and Sponsored by Goldman Sachs

"I want to personally thank you for your participation in Wednesday’s CAIA London Macro Panel Event but also offer the sincere gratitude of CAIA London, its members and candidates, and the CAIA Association in Amherst. By all accounts it was our best ever event and we owe that to the five of you. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and found the dialogue and different views and perspectives as interesting as we did in the audience. You guys were great."

Luke Dixon, Senior Investment Manager - Hedge Funds, USS Investment Management Limited


Emergent Asset Management Ltd was founded with the launch of the firm’s first emerging markets fund in 1997 at a time when emerging markets were universally viewed as a highly specialised and risky area of investment. The common perception was that power was vested in the dominant American and associated European markets; very few appreciated that emerging markets’ funds were investing in the future engine of global growth.

A Pre-emptive strike on Iran?


Why did the Fed choose to go the unlimited QE route last week, risking opening Pandora’s  box with its implications of the dollar becoming a Fiat Currency  ? After all the ECB seems to have provided the solution that would hold back the anticipated disaster in Europe, and the Fed must know that more QE will not bring down unemployment?